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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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lucas trying to orchestrate a boyfriend video with hendery is the funniest thing

lucas: you’re in my girlfriend’s seat
hendery: so i’m your girlfriend? this—
lucas: my girlfriend can’t be taller than me
hendery: [moves the phone angle]



lucas: so should we go to the sea later?
hendery: the sea? [pretending to be lucas’ girlfriend again] the sea? okay! i listen to lucas very well 



xiaojun was eating hotdog so lucas and hendery played mickey mouse hotdog dance n started dancing on it and their voices Imitating mickey voice at the end



singer lucas jamming to ed sheeran' I don't want your money



jopping party!!!!
lucas: oh! mark! mark! mark! oh! kai! kai! kai! kai! ten! ten! ten! oh i’m getting tired
hendery: no! dance! never tired man!
lucas: oh taemin hyung!



lucas rapping mark’s iconic jopping verse



lucas saying ‘cmon xiaojun’ when it was nearing baekhyun’s high note and xiaojun doing it



lucas played who's obsession 99line kept fanboying over it hendery calling yangyang and kun to fanboy with them



hendery & lucas kept calling xiaojun sausage man bc he was eating a sausage. he used it to play the drums too lmaoo

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hendery and lucas talking about their interest in beatboxing these days (in cantonese!!!)

hendery: eh, recently don’t you...
lucas: i like to beatbox
hendery: right, i like to beatbox, so recently i will...
[hencas making random noises]



lucas wanted to eat bbq with his lover and hendery stepped up to the plate again as his “girlfriend”
LC: i want to eat this with my lover... bbq
H: uh? but you’re eating bbq with me
LC: come, quick, come. act as my lover
[H acting]
LC: oh, you’re back
H: we can actually eat together this time... not just me holding a camera



Hendery’s “Oh my God~ It’s so delicious~ Oh my God~”



kun received all the fan letters and there were many many of them ! ~ he said he will look at everyone of them and he’s thankful to everyone



kun is so cute ❤️


Ten was preparing to go into the mood but excited baby Yangyang was like "tHE FOOD IS HEEEEREEEEE"
(P.S.: Ten's angelic voice covering How Can I Love The Heartbreak, You're The One I Love)



kun was showing how he got in ten's room and what ten and yangyang were doing in the room in his live but at that time ten was also doing live



yangyang telling Ten to do a live stream in the bath then ten said yangyang should do it first... but yangyang said he’s too young 



yangyang saying dangerous woman by super m is one of his favourite songs these days and requested it to be released soon so he can listen to it on his phone aaa he and ten sang a bit of it too!!



kun in ten insta live: hello everyone (in kr)
ten in kun yizhibo live: hello (in chinese)
yangyang: ʰᶤ



yangyang's non artsy ass really dragged ten's drawing and signature lmao and ten calmly corrected him

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yangyang has a habit of watching videos before he sleeps

- stated hes suddenly into psychology videos
- weird videos ex. top 10 most ugliest animals
- genius/ppl that are really great(?)
- seniors' stages to learn more
- one of his fav movies: inception

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ten: thank you for giving us attention and awards as soon as we debuted, this year has been a year filled with promotion. we’ll be wayv that is busier and more working hard in the future.



Yangyang: I hope next year everyone can give us a lot of support, we will show everyone the best performance(s) !

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