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Take Over The Moon! The Official WayV (威神V) Thread

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On 10/9/2019 at 9:37 PM, Yellow Sprout said:

LUCAS and TEN are finally back on Instagram! 




*follows instantly*


17 hours ago, footsteps said:

hi weishennies!!! I'm so glad to have returned to OH and found this thread! I had fallen in love with wayv awhile back...and I just wanted to say I love xiao dejun he is best boy 🥺🥺🥺

hi !!! ❤️ im usually lurking here but wayv is my ride or die so ill try to comment here a bit more often.

AND YASSSS XIAOJUN ❤️ xiaojun stans make the world a better place tbh we need more of em 😉 


16 hours ago, Yellow Sprout said:

191010 WayV are live on Yizhibo!



they gave yangyang a cake and sang him a birthday song




yangyang taught them how to say happy birthday in german & then they sang it to him



KUN: Why is it whenever we celebrate your birthday, you’re showering? We have to serve you the cake when you’re out of the toilet.

YY: If i stay in the room how are you going to prepare the cake?




1. WayV to come out with better work and better performances in the future
2. For fans to follow them on their journey and grow with them



yangyang asked if we have watched superm! 
winwin said that it looked very expensive! 
kun said ten's dance was handsome and lucas looked cool
yangyang really likes no manners, he wants to sing a song like this

kun said superm's i cant stand the rain's style is amazing, he wants to have a song like this in the future



winwin :  so it will be until here for us ! and for everyone that has yet to eat please do eat and if you’ve eaten you can ... sleep
yangyang : thank you for everyone’s birthday wishes , and for everything i’ve seen them and thank you everyone !
all : bye !!



im screaming I MISS THEM SO MUCH

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6 hours ago, Yellow Sprout said:

191104 HOGAN Weibo Update with WINWIN



i swear EVERY TIME i see a full body picture of winwin like this i literally choke. hes so beautiful it hurts

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3 hours ago, ohmymistake said:

:cuteeyes:yang yang speaking german :cuteeyes:


Maybe it wasn't shown in this clip, but this would have been perfect if Lucas spoke Cantonese! I find that sometimes he's shy of speaking Cantonese on camera, even though it's his native language. I really hope he holds onto it and speaks it more!

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Thank you so much Yellow Sprout for condensing all the updates in this thread as usual! I literally come here first for updates because you’re so organized and on top of everything!


I honestly had tears in my eyes watching them receive that award and during Kun’s acceptance speech. I’m proud of our boys.

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2 hours ago, Yellow Sprout said:

WayV - Season's Greetings 2020



  Hide contents





i literally cant with them. theyre all so beautiful, and each in their own unique individual way. 

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i love how xiaojun doesnt filter his photos. like, to the point where we can see his pores and actual skin texture lmao. he doesnt need filters anyway, his skin is already really naturally clear

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i miss the boys so much. i know theyre preparing for their comeback (full album right?) but i cant help be a bit salty because... superm is probably whats causing the delay :s it might be a blessing in disguise though, since now the boys have an excuse to have some rest and wait for this whole coronavirus mess to pass.

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