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Have you tried meal kit delivery (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Plated, etc.)?


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Good deal if you got a discount. I think normal pricing is about the same as eating out. So once my deal expired I didnt continue using them.


The food was pretty good, easy to make though my prep time took me much longer. Proportions were on the smaller side. Some meals were alright, some I remember eating both my servings bc I was still hungry. Also, plan well the weeks you want it to arrive. If you have any past minute plans to eat out with people, the hello fresh meals will still be arriving.


And I know it's necessary to ensure all the ingredients arrive fresh, but there's so much packaging with one shipment. A lot of waste to get rid of if you continue to get weekly meals.

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I tried HelloFresh.


It was like $70 a week for 4 dishes made for 2 people, I think. So basically 8 meals total for a week.


Pros: The serving size for one meal was big in my opinion, but I'm not a big eater and the serving sizes are probably made for an average man instead of a petite female.


The recipes tasted pretty good.


Sometimes they have promotions, so you can get the meals for cheaper.




Pricey. I can spend much less on groceries for the week. I could also go to McDonald's twice a day for a week.


Lots of packaging, so there's a lot of waste. It comes in a huge box and big cooling packs. Lots of plastic.


You need to pick your meals each week and if you forget, then they just send whatever meals for that week.

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