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Sweet muffins or savory muffins?

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Sweet muffins or savory muffins?  

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  1. 1. Sweet muffins or savory muffins?

    • Sweet muffins
    • Savory muffins

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sweet muffins


to be fair, I feel like there are wayyy more types of sweet muffins that register as individual desserts instead of savory muffins


I can't think of a standard savory muffin aside from maybe cheddar muffins? cheddar bacon muffins? I think those are a thing. I know as a baker you could theoretically put a lot of savory things in a muffin and still have it be good but it's just not that common

edit: i feel like egg muffins start to migrate out of the baked goods (wheat based) territory and into egg dish territory lol


sweet muffins though. you got your blueberry muffins, your poppyseed muffins, your chocolate muffins, your lemon muffins, your apple cinnamon muffins, your streusel muffins...


personally i like blueberry muffins best as I have a fond memory of this one time I put weed oil in my muffin batter and made blueberry space muffins. it was lit. they tasted good too lol

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