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Food you go crazy without


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I haven't eat avocado in like,,, 5 days and it's making me go feral

And all the shops are close today (obviously) so i'm SUFFERING




Which food you usually always eat/obsess with 

or are you the type of person who gets bored of eating one thing too often?



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I would say tea... or is that not a food? It's a beverage but :rlytearpls:  

I don't have any particular food I would go crazy without tbh. Only black tea... I drink like 5 cups a day. I can't live without it.

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hold up how do you have -2,068 won

times in these parts have been hard on me I8xDtpl.gif

I think I donated more than I had or something, I'm not sure lol




shes cheating the system

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