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[iQIYI] Youth With You Official Thread ~ Congratulations to THE9


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On 1/19/2020 at 6:54 PM, Stacy Jang said:

-Jennifer (Zhou Ziqian, born 1998) from One Cool Jasco Ent. (which was also the same company as Yao Mingming from season 1 & debuted 3rd place in UNINE) She is a member of ACEMAX-RED (their song MAXY is super good!) I don't know in details about her skill level because I've never really looked at her much (I knew her groupmates Kaga and Bomi from The Next Top Bang, and Lena from Produce 101 China), but if it's anything like her group members, there's no need to worry about her skills. Oh, and she was also on the Unit but I don't know the details since I didn't watch the show lol.



 Finally someone else who also knows Jennifer! Shes one of my picks cuz I know her from Girls Fighting (gg survival from 2016 that Bomi and Kaga was also in) which she ended up ranking 3rd in. Seungri was a judge on that show and was constantly saying how he believes she has star quality tho sadly she never really made it big. 

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On 1/22/2020 at 3:42 PM, Stacy Jang said:

They were on that show too?? Whoa I didn't know lol. Actually, I won't know since I didn't watch it, but the only reason why I knew that show existed was bc of Li Zixuan (Produce 101 China 12th place) XD

But I knew Jennifer bc of ACEMAX-RED, Chinese netizens say their group is like 'have skill but has no luck, that's why they're not popular'.

No matter she debuts or not I hope her gains a lot more popularity anyway!

yep, actually lots of qcyn contestants were on Girls Fighting like Xie Keyin and Zeng Keni. Tho Keyin went by the name Xie Xue or something back then. Huang Xiaoming was a mentor and I rmb he made fun of her weight a lot... 😕

and yea i hope they all gain some recognition from this show as well !

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