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Guest Book: April 2019

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Every month a new guest book appears, leave a piece of you here to earn ticket



-If you post in this thread, you will earn a ticket for the monthly item raffle

-It doesn't matter how many times you post you will only earn one ticket

-The ticket is only valid for the month of the guest book. Example if this is the February 2019 guest book your ticket is only valid for the February 2019 raffle if you want a ticket for the March 2019 raffle you need to post in the March 2019 Guest Book

-Tickets earned here are only valid for the Monthly Item Raffle and not in the other raffles(Events Raffle & Yearly Raffle)




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It's not gonna happen again; I'M HERE!     Also don't forget to stream Beautiful Goodbye by king soloist Chen!   

Lets steal some luck lol 

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