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(Full Details) Gugudan's leader Hana opens YouTube Channel "ë³´ë³´TV"


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<Please Watch & Subscribe to Hana's Channel>


Gugudan's leader Hana establishes her own YouTube Channel BoBoTV (ë³´ë³´TV_Hana) The channel's name is an abbreviation of her real name "Bora" (ë³´ë¼) and the phrase "Wants To See You" or "Misses You" (보고싶ì€). Essentially ë³´ë³´TV = "Bora who misses you/wants to see you."
Hana acknowledged the many requests for more content and opened the channel to happily quench fans' thirst. BoBoTV will markedly be a VLOGS focused channel, but Hana plans to branch into various types of contents. She is said to be handling the recording, editing, and uploading processes herself. 
BoBoTV will capture Gugudan's daily life, routines, and activities (especially the periods between comebacks).



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Episode 1: “Simple Hana’s Day # 3 cups of coffee a day, attending fashion week, writing lyrics for OST, messily washing"

<The first episode is about Hana, however the oncoming episodes will heavily feature Gugudan members>


  • 2019 F/W Hi Seoul Fashion Show 'Sorry Too Much Love 03/21 (Hana & Nayoung)




  •  tvN Touch Your Heart OST- "Falling Down" 03/28 (Lyrics by Hana)



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I'm following! Hana is my fav gugudan member, I hope that cc subs will be available


CC ENGLISH SUBS are now available. They will also be added for all the videos Hana plans to release on her channel.




Please do give it a Watch & Subscribe  ilikeitplz.png


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