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Oh My Girl Seunghee still trending at #2 & #5 on Naver Real Time Search after appearance on Knowing Bros


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seunghee at #2

oh my girl seunghee at #5


she was trending at #1 earlier as well, with oh my girl seunghee @ #6



this episode seemed so fun! make sure to watch it, jtbc has already posted some clips:


seunghee dancing to roly poly with tara's hyomin!



singing beyonce's "work it out"



showing off her "special talents"



and playing the 'cleopatra game'




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This is like... every reason I just absolutely love Suenghee!


One of my dreams is to have a variety show staring her, Bomi, Hyelin and Wendy... Imagine just how extra that would be.

you and I share not only some biases but also our dream team lineup of dorks!!
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Not suprise about her talent. She remains the best rookie to cover Taeyeon’s high note in ITNW. For 3rd gen, only Red Vetvet’s Wendy can be her rival in term of singing.


Hope OMG can hit really big this year.

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