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RBW Girls 365 Practice - 1st Anniversary of their YT channel + MyMusicTaste News


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1st the News - 365 Practice announce their partnership with MyMusicTaste



GIrls got their intro and greetings on point ahmagahplz.png  Yuki - Japanese, Yesol - Chinese and Sujin - English. 


Now for the Celebration and History of the 365 Practice Youtube Channel so far. 


365 Practice Channel was establish last year on March 28 [after they appeared in MIX9] - it's one year since then. Mostly for RBW Trainee Team B [Goeun, Jieun, Yesol, Eunseong, Sungeun, Momo & Dohae]


Their first cover is GFriend Fingertip [produce by an RBW Producer]


Cover done by Jieun, Goeun, Yesol, Eunseong & Sungeun [Not with the team anymore]



Around May I think Jieun and Goeun started Filming Produce 48 while the other's continue covering vids in 365 Channel. 


Goeun & Jieun : Pretty U




Lol at Jieun continue singing even if its not her part - Goeun also did it in Very X3. imstupid.png  very RBW habit they have I see you Solar teaching the kids well. 


Jieun was sadly eliminated after the first group perf. (Justice to Team Mamamia - Black rlytearpls.png )  OTH Goeun continued till the concept song evaluation eventually ranking 29th. [those main vocal drama is so stressful when she and Yuri work best together]


After the two comeback with the team in September an official instagram account was establish but shortly after alot of the trainees was cut and the rumored Team B and Team C is merge as one group. Dohae, Momo and Sungeun are out and Yuki joined in on December Sujin is also



Watch Their December

group Medley


in 2019 they also covered their company Sunbaenim

Mamamoo Gogobebe their current most watched and





Now its one year and they have improve since then and seeing them with the greetings and intro is making me cry. rlytearpls.png  I know they don't have songs yet but seeing how they grow in this channel ugh.



Also they are a mess XD.




And I'm convince that Eunseong is part robot how can she get those song at a fraction of a second.





If you are curious about them we have our humble home here in OH at 365 Practice thread.

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