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[Weibo: CHN] Feng Shaofeng shares on Weibo that Zhao Liying has given birth to a baby boy!

Weibo Feng Shaofeng Zhao Liying Zanilia Zhao baby

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#1 renn



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Posted 08 March 2019 - 08:44 PM

Feng Shaofeng shares on Weibo that Zhao Liying has given birth to a baby boy!
March 8th 17:52 Weibo post & replies


Translator: renn @ www.onehallyu.com




"Both mother and baby are safe and well 2018new_xin_org.png Starting from today, there is one more little man in the house, together [we'll] protect mom @赵丽颖 who is worthy of the greatest admiration 2018new_aini_org.png ​​​​"






1. [+315,888] Angelababy: Congrats congrats! 2018new_taikaixin_org.png2018new_taikaixin_org.png2018new_taikaixin_org.png2018new_taikaixin_org.png2018new_taikaixin_org.png

2. [+222,414] Li Bingbing: Congrats Liying @赵丽颖 and Shaofeng, happily welcoming a golden pig baby [T/N: it is the year of the pig] on Longtaitou [T/N: literally "dragon raising its head", the second day of the second month on the lunar calendar is a day of celebration in China], what a perfect family of three! 2018new_xin_org.png

3. [+123,277] Su Man: Congratulations congratulations, too blessedly happy! 2018new_xin_org.png2018new_xin_org.png2018new_xin_org.png

4. [+293,392] Xiao Shen Yang: Congratulations on the birth of Mini Feng [T/N: he said "little little Feng", since "little Feng" refers to Feng Shaofeng]

5. [+116,926] Gao Jinghan: Congrats Second Uncle [T/N: refers to Feng Shaofeng's role in The Story of Minglan] on happily receiving a little prince, a family of three ❤

6. [+95,307] Wang Ziwei: Little man, you must take great care of your mom for your Auntie Tao [T/N: refers to her own role in The Story of Minglan]~ Congrats Feng-ge Ying-baby 

7. [+74,489] Keep Running Family: Don't you know, don't you know, it should be a family of three [T/N: this is a play on the Chinese title of The Story of Minglan], congrats on the arrival of the little treasure, grow up safely and healthily 2018new_aini_org.png




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#2 waycrispy1



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Posted 08 March 2019 - 08:57 PM

iloveyouplz.gif iloveyouplz.gif iloveyouplz.gif


I wasn't really a fan of this pairing, but seeing them together in Story of Minglan helped

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#3 Liliana


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Posted Yesterday, 05:43 AM

Aw congrats to the couple!
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