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OH!Snap [Weibo: CHN] Netizen reactions to #G.E.M terminates contract with Hummingbird Music#

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#G.E.M terminates contract with Hummingbird Music#

Sina Entertainment's March 8th 19:46 Weibo post on the matter & netizen reactions



Translator: @renn @ www.onehallyu.com





"#G.E.M terminates contract with Hummingbird Music# Just earlier, @GEM邓紫棋 released a long post stating that she no longer has an artist-management relationship with Hummingbird Music. She is willing to complete the last eight concerts with Hummingbird Music, purely because she hopes to reduce any possibility of affecting others [with her decision]. G.E.M says that it has come to this because she has truly felt utter despair in the endlessly long discussion process. However, this time, she will face things bravely and she will absolutely not back down."


[images attached to Weibo post: 1 & 2 are screencaps of G.E.M's original Weibo announcement; 3 is a copy of her lawyers' statement attached to her original announcement; 4 is a photo of G.E.M]






1. [+2030] Finally terminated the contract!!! Congratulations G.E.M, there's much to look forward to in your future 2018new_xin_org.png2018new_xin_org.png

2. [+1767] After reading through it all, my heart really hurts [for her] 2018new_shiwang_org.png Big sis, things will get better and better for you

3. [+1307] No matter what, I support G.E.M's decision, I respect her

4. [+1232] Finally...the contract is terminated!!! 2018new_zuoyi_org.png

5. [+951] I only hope that G.E.M can be fine. Wherever she is, we fans will also be.

6. [+820] G.E.M, please walk forward fearlessly, we will always be behind you keeping you company2018new_leimu_org.png2018new_leimu_org.png Darling, you deserve better!!! 2018new_leimu_org.png2018new_leimu_org.png2018new_leimu_org.png2018new_leimu_org.png2018new_leimu_org.png

7. [+612] The year that G.E.M participated on The Singer and got popular, I was in my senior year of high school. Because I felt that this company was too incompetent, I was even "abused" into being a fan back then. 2018new_xiaoku_thumb.png Now, I've graduated from university and no longer stan celebrities. She is also finally terminating her contract 2018new_xiaoku_thumb.png

8. [+586] God knows how many times this trash company has held G.E.M back. [This is] great. I anticipate better [career] development in the future for G.E.M 2018new_xixi_org.png

9. [+295] She could have been even more popular, super popular, popular to the point of having no competition in the entire universe!!





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i remember her first year in the biz. i mean lupo really helped her launch her career....


dunno what happened....but i guess management can't always stay that great over such a long period of time.


Probably a lot of things have piled up between them over the years. She says through her lawyers that Hummingbird accepted and arranged for endorsements and concert schedules without her consent or input beyond the ending date of her contract (which Hummingbird's side says will end in 2022...damn is it a long contract). Hummingbird denies that.


In this thread, her fans' comments also outline a bunch of other things they've found problematic with management over the years.

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