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[Amber ft. Gen Neo] 엠버 ft. �根� - On My Own (Korean Ver.)


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[Amber] 엠버 - On My Own (feat. Gen Neo)

Lyrics: ì´í•˜ì§„ (Lee Hajin)

Composition: ì— ë²„ (Amber), Gen Neo


Translated by: Evee @ onehallyu.com






It’s okay it’s okay

ì˜¤ëŠ˜ë„ ë‚˜ ë§í• ê²Œ

ë‘ ëˆˆ ì† ë„ ë°”ë¼ë³´ë©°


It’s okay it’s okay

oneuldo na malhalke

du nun sog neol barabomyeo


It's okay it's okay

Today too I will say it

While looking at you


It’s okay it’s okay

나 ë” ë…¸ë ¥ 해볼게

í©ì–´ì§„ 구름 ì†ì— Yeah

ê°ˆ ê³³ì„ ìžƒì–´ë„


It’s okay it’s okay

na deo noryeok haebolke

heuteojin gureum soge Yeah

gal goteul ireodo


It’s okay it’s okay

I will try harder 

Even if the clouds are growing thicker Yeah

Even if I lose my way


아련한 *그때

사진 ì†ì— ë‚˜ì˜ ëª¨ìŠµ

ë§ê°›ê²Œ 웃었ë˜

그때 미소 기억해

ëˆˆë¬¼ì— ê¸°ë„í•´

‘Cause I’m on my own*

Where are you


aryeonhan geuddae

sajin soge naeui moseub

malgage useodeon

geuddae miso gieokhae

nunmule gidohae

‘Cause I’m on my own

Where are you


Faintly, you

My smiling face in the photo

I remember your smile

I pray on these tears

‘Cause I’m on my own

Where are you


It’s too late it’s too late

ë˜ëŒë¦´ 수 없기ì—

ê°ˆ ê³³ì„ ìžƒê³ ì„œ ë˜ í—¤ë§¤ë„

너를 (ê·¸ë¦¬ë˜ ë‚˜)

ê·¸ë¦¬ì›€ì— ë„ˆë¥¼ ë˜


It’s too late it’s too late

dweidoril su eobsgie 

gal goteul irgoseo ddo hemaedo

neoreul (geuriden na)

geuriume neoreul ddo


It’s too late it’s too late

As I can't go back

Even if I lose my way, I have to keep on wandering

You (The me that I miss)

I long for you again




지나간 ìƒì²˜

가슴 ì† í•œ ì¼ ì— ë‚¨ê²¨

외롭지 않게

한번만 ëŒì•„ë´ ë‚˜ë¥¼ ê¼­ 안아

환한 미소로 Where are you

(Where are you

Where are you)

여전히 í•˜ëŠ˜ì˜ ë³„ì„ ë°”ë¼ë³´ëŠ”ë°


jinagan sangcheo

gaseum sog han kyeone namgyeo

weirobji angke

hanbeonan dolabwa nareul ggog ana

hwanhan misoro Where are you

(Where are you

Where are you)

yeojeonhi haneuleui beyoleul baraboneunde


All my wounds remain

Deep in my heart

Just try to come back, come hug me

So I won't be lonely

With that bright smile Where are you

(Where are you

Where are you)

But I'll be watching the stars in the sky forever


오늘 í르는 ë¹—ë¬¼ì— ëˆˆë¬¼

다 ê°ì¶”ê³  나면 ë” ë°ì€ 별들ì´

ë‚´ì¼ì„ 비추길

파란 하늘ì—

Where are you


oneul heureuneun bitmuel nunmul

da gamchuo namyeon deo bargeul byeoldeuli

naeileul bichugil

paran haneule

Where are you


If the rain today

Will cover my tears, the much brighter stars

Will light up tomorrow

In the blue sky

Where are you

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