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TREASURE Variety/Reality Thread 💎 tvN's "The Idol Ramyeonators" 🦔🐶


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TREASURE Variety/Reality Thread


YG Treasure Box (JTBC2)
Treasure Map (SBS MTV, SBS FiL)
The Idol Ramyeonators (tvN)




200930 MBC Weekly Idol
201004 MBC King of Masked Singer (Jihoon and Yedam)
201129-1206 MBC King of Masked Singer (Yedam)


210309 MBC Video Star (Jihoon)
210314 SBS My Little Old Boy (Jeongwoo)
210424 tvN Amazing Saturday (Jihoon and Jeongwoo)
210516 MBC King of Masked Singer (Junkyu and Jeongwoo)


220206-20 MBC King of Masked Singer (Jeongwoo)
220302 MBC Weekly Idol
220326 MBC King of Masked Singer (Hyunsuk and Junkyu)
Mnet I Can See Your Voice (Episode 7, Hyunsuk and Yedam with iKON DK)
tvN Game Cateres (Episodes 7-8, Hyunsuk and Jihoon)
tvN All Table Tennis! (Episodes 15-16, Doyoung and Junghwan with iKON DK)


MC positions

210307-220327 SBS Inkigayo (Jihoon)


Web Dramas

'The Mysterious Class' (November 2021)


Treasure originally had two programs: [T.M.I] and Treasure Map.  Both series are broadcast on YouTube, with T.M.I also being available to stream on Naver's VLIVE. Re-edited versions of Treasure Map started airing on SBS MTV and SBS FiL late September 2020.  As of April 2022, Treasure Map had 2 seasons, while [T.M.I] has new episodes during Treasure's promotional periods.




T.M.I consists of short-form behind the scenes videos of Treasure's official schedules and activities.  T.M.I debuted Tuesday, January 14, 2020.  The first episode consisted of group members doing a relay interview game (with penalties) during their EDITORIAL vol. 1 photo shoot.  There is no regular schedule for [T.M.I].  As of February 2022 there has been 22 episodes of T.M.I.


Treasure Map


Treasure Map was a YouTube exclusive series uploaded every Friday at 12 noon Korean Standard time, starting January 17th 2020.  Treasure Map documents Treasure as they become YouTubers; planning and creating content themselves.  Viewers will get to see them at their dorms, enjoying various hobbies, and doing mukbang.  Season 1 ended before Treasure began their debut promotions.  Season 2 started during the latter half of their My Treasure promotions and ended before their web drama 'The Mysterious Class' started streaming.



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formerly The Open the Treasure Box thread
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Short Form Web Series


In March 2020, two more short-form video series were introduced to Treasure's lineup:  Fact Check and 3-Minute Treasure.   Fact Check is supposed to solve "fans’ curiosities," while 3-Minute TREASURE introduces members' hobbies to fans. 

In May 2020, a short-form video series called T-TALK was introduced.  In each episode of T-TALK, a pair of Treasure members has a short discussion about one keyword.

Fact Check, A 3-Minute Treasure, and T-TALK are all available on all of Treasure's video streaming accounts.  There is no regular schedule for any of the series.

In 2021 there were Find Your Korea and TMI LOG.

Fact Check episodes

1-Jaehyuk tries out Junghwan's cup ramen with chips recipe 🦁🐮
2-Yedam quizzes Hyunsuk on football team jerseys 🐷🐼🦊🦙
3-Jump Roping with Junkyu and Haruto 🐨🦙
4-Hyunsuk has Junkyu go through his closet 
🐷 🐨
5-MBTI, Part I 🐨🦁🤖🦙🐺🐮
6-MBTI, Part II 
7-Ketchup Ramyeon

8-Maknae line Height Check  🐰🦙🐺🐮

3-Minute Treasure episodes

1-Hyunuk uses clothes and accessories from his closet to style Jeongwoo and Haruto 🐷🦙🐺
2-Asahi and Mashiho finish recording a song called 'Fantasy' in Asahi's room 🐹🤖
3-Yoshi studybang 🐯
4-Jihoon and Doyoung cookbang 🐼🐰
5-Yedam, Doyoung, and Jaehyuk do a DIY hand sanitizer tutorial 🦁🦊🐰🐺
6-Mashiho teaches Jeongwoo how to tidy up 🐹🐺
7-Jihoon and Junkyu do pilates 🐼🐨
8-Jihoon slices up fruits mom-style for Junghwan while he watches his Social Studies online lecture 🐮🐼
9-Yedam and Jeongwoo noraebang 🦊🐺
10-Doyoung coordinates different looks for Haruto to test to see if Haruto's really The Visual  🐰🦙
11-'Whistle' cover 🐷 🐼🐯🐨 🐹 🦁🤖🦊🐰🦙🐺🐮
12-A 3-Minute Treasure Theme Song 🐨🤖
13-Skateboarding Basics 🐼🐯🐰
14-K Pop dance covers 🐷🐼🐹🐺
15-Jaehyuk gives Junkyu and Asahi a selfie-taking tutorial.  Neither seem excited by the prospect. 🐨🦁🤖

16-Paint by numbers with producer Junkyu, math nerd Yoshi, and artiste Asahi 🐯🐨🤖
17-Halloween 2020 Special
18-Winter Playlist recommendations 🐷🐼🐯🦊
19-Super Star YG Tournament


T-TALK episodes
1-Keyword: Face 🦁🤖
2-Keyword: Nickname  🐼 🐮
3-Keyword:  Fashion 🐷🐰
4-Keyword: Tears 🐯🐺
5-Keyword:  Roommates 🐨🦙
6-Keyword:  The Year 2030 🐹🦊
7-Keyword:  Compliments 🐼🐷
8-Keyword: Chemistry 🐹🐨
9-Keyword: Anchor 🐯🦁
10-Keyword: Humor 🐮🤖
11-Keyword: Music 🦊🐰
12-Keyword: Friend 🦙🐺


Find Your Korea episodes
3-Busan 🐼🐨🐹🐰


(Like [T.M.I] but with a focus on an individual member)
1- Asahi  🦁🤖🦙🐺



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UPDATE: September 2020

On the first of September 2020 (KST) LINE Friends made an announcement that Treasure's new YouTube program "Treasure Studio" would be premiering on their channel September 4th.


Treasure Studio 




[T.M.I] press release:

YG TREASURE to Release Exclusive Reality Program Following BIGBANG⋅BLACKPINK… Teaser for TMI Revealed

[OSEN=선미경 기자] ‘TREASURE TV’, a reality program of TREASURE’s debut process, is in the making. TREASURE is a 12-member boy group by YG Entertainment. The program will broadcast through various channels including YouTube and VLIVE, allowing global fans to watch the birth of a major rookie group.

On January 13 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded a teaser clip titled ‘TREASURE – [T.M.I] Coming soon’ through their official blog and TREASURE’s official social media channels.

YG has previously created reality programs including BIGBANG’s ‘Real Documentary: BIGBANG’, ‘BIGBANG TV’, and BLACKPINK’s ‘BLACKPINK HOUSE’. Group TREASURE is planning to reach their fans by sharing various contents and storytelling before their official debut, as their seniors have.

The teaser clip was in the format of sending a message for the ‘Treasure Makers’, which is TREASURE’s fan club. With JUNKYU yelling, “This is our daily life!”, the other members dancing regardless of time and place, and playing jokes with each other while sending aegyo to the camera contained TREASURE’s true colors and reality as they are.

YG has recently announced, “We will do our best to support TREASURE’s successful debut and active music activities” and launched TREASURE’s debut project in full-scale. As part of the debut promotion, the agency is releasing new contents every day at 12 PM to get closer to the fans step by step.

2020. 1. 13

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Treasure Studio with LINE Friends
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Pre-show spoilers

190305 Hongdae

Mashiho, Jihoon, Asahi, and Junghwan




190305 Lotte World

Yoshinori, Yoonbin, Jaehyuk, and Haruto looking pretty



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What are you looking forward to the most so far?



I am looking forward to Lotte World, Monkey Forest, Junkynori date, Bali hotel room assignments, seeing Hyunsuk as leader, and of course debut album teasers.

I think Jihoon, Junkyu, and Jeongwoo are going to entertain me the most.

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Press release regarding Episode 1:

YG TREASURE Reveals First Episode of ‘TMI’… Members ‘Moved’ by BANG YE DAM’s Beautiful Voice


[OSEN=하수정 기자] YG’s 12-member group TREASURE gathered the attention of global fans with their brilliant charms.

On January 14 at 12 PM, ‘TREASURE-T.M.I’ EP.1’ finally unveiled through YG’s official blog.

The opening of the clip revealed the faces of all 12 members of TREASURE one by one and unfolded the members’ stories along with their perfect harmony.

DOYOUNG and ASAHI ran a self-camera corner together. On the question, ‘Something you always buy in a convenience store’, ASAHI chose Coke. DOYOUNG asked, “When was the last time you drank it” and ASAHI evasively replied, “(Drank) In Japan”. In the end, he spoke the truth by stating, “(Drank) A while ago”, which made the viewers burst into laughter.

BANG YE DAM and ASAHI put their arms around each other’s shoulders and communicated on the topic, ‘We’re not awkward’. BANG YE DAM recommended Pink Sweats’ ‘Honesty’ as it was what he recently heard the most. BANG YE DAM performed the song in a beautiful voice after explaining, “I had a video evaluation on this song, but I actually like the song as well”, and the members responded by applauding.

CHOI HYUN SUK chose the Marvel series as his favorite movie. PARK JEONG WOO performed rapper Killagramz’s ‘Where’, which is his favorite karaoke song, and raised the mood. JUNKYU could not answer to PARK JEONG WOO’s question in time and performed ‘acting cute’ as a penalty but failed. He rapped about his feelings towards the members on his renewed challenge, which finally got the others’ approval.

DOYOUNG answered MASHIHO’s question incompletely and had to perform a freestyle dance as a penalty but failed to make the members laugh. Furthermore, YOON JAE HYUK, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN yelled their favorite jelly color and expressed the taste of their favorite snacks, which also made the viewers burst into laughter.

The episode was filled with the pure beagle beauty of TREASURE members overall, but there were also touching moments created by SO JUNG HWAN and PARK JEONG WOO who are both from the same hometown, Iksan.

SO JUNG HWAN reminisced the time he first met PARK JEONG WOO and shared his gratitude by stating, “I’m very shy and not good at beginning conversations, but JEONG WOO gave me a candy when we first met”.

PARK JEONG WOO answered, “To be honest, I’m also shy but I just happened to have a candy on my hand, so I gave it to him”. Then the two members hugged each other, allowing the people to witness their deep friendship.

TREASURE’s ‘TMI’ is an abbreviation of ‘Treasure Maker Interaction’, which refers to the communication between TREASURE and the Treasure Makers. The program will contain behind-the-scenes of TREASURE’s schedules in addition to their daily lives which will allow the group to get closer to the fans.

YG has begun TREASURE’s debut project in full-scale after announcing, “We will put in our best efforts for TREASURE’s successful debut and their active music activities”. As TREASURE has been reformed into a 12-member group, YG is releasing new and varied contents every day at 12 PM.

2020. 1. 14.

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The two highlights of [T.M.I] Episode 1 for me were:

-Yoshi:  Please more...I love you.

-Jeongwoo and Junghwan's hug.  So cute!

after subs:

Jeongwoo and Junghwan's story about how they first met at the Iksan audition was really sweet.

-Junkyu's rap complaining about things other Treasure members (except for Hyunsuk) do to him

There were many other cute/funny moments.

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Episode 1

Treasure goes to the supermarket and attempts to make and eat 144 servings of  cheese ddukboki and 144 servings of kimbap.

Ddukboki team:  Hyunsuk, Junkyu, Jaehyuk, Asahi, Yedam, and Doyoung

Kimbap team: 

-Fillings: Jihoon, Yoshi, Mashiho, and Junghwan

-Rice: Hajeongwoo 


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Episode 2


Personal highlights:

-Hyunsuk reacting rather calmly to dropping his ice cream.

-Junkyu, Jaehyuk, and Junghwan eating junk food while gaming at a PC bang.

-Going Crazy 2020 choreo

-Mashiho making a basket from near 3-point territory

-Producer Asahi letting us hear a song he and Haruto wrote, sung by Mashiho.  Asahi mentioning he also works on music with Junkyu and Yoshi.

To note:

-Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo sleep on the same mattress.

-Yoshi eats chicken with chopsticks not hands.

-Asahi may be recovering from an illness or injury. 😞

What were Yoshi, Mashi, Asahi, Yedam, and Doyoung up to before 3PM?  Yedam and Doyoung might have been at school.  What were the other three doing?  Language lessons?


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‘YG’s New Boy Group’ TREASURE Reveals Accommodation for the First Time


[텐아시아=태유나 기자] TREASURE, the 12-member boy group of YG Entertainment(hereby YG), spent a meaningful weekend while revealing their individual charms.
On January 24 at 12 PM, YG uploaded the second episode of ‘TREASURE MAP’ through their official blog and TREASURE’s official YouTube channel. The episode presented the vivid daily lives of TREASURE members, who revealed their accommodation for the first time during the weekend.
After turning on the camera looking half asleep, HARUTO shared morning greetings for the fans and entered other members’ rooms. PARK JEONG WOO and YOON JAE HYUK were flustered by the unexpected morning camera and covered themselves with blankets, presenting a tiki-taka chemistry in the morning. The three members enjoyed their morning exercise while riding a bike in the riverside of Han river. However, they revealed their cute intentions of eating ramen rather than working out and headed to the convenience store, making the viewers feel empathy and burst into laughter.
CHOI HYUN SUK and JIHOON visited Hongdae. They ordered Bossam and Jokbal, as well as filming a detailed insert shot of their food. They then headed to a store for desserts while shouting, “Ice cream, my love!” and purchased ice cream with children-like excited faces. CHOI HYUN SUK accidentally dropped his ice cream while showing excessive reactions due to his excitement, making the viewers burst into laughter at the funny yet sad scene.
JUNKYU, YOON JAE HYUK, and SO JUNG HWAN played computer games at a PC room. SO JUNG HWAN, the youngest member, kept on yelling “hyung” throughout the whole time, showing a dependent side of him towards the elder members. SO JUNG HWAN shared the food after their order came through, and shared a happy time with JUNKYU and YOON JAE HYUK.
ASAHI had time to enjoy his hobby while painting on the theme of 2020. ASAHI explained, “I put my desire that all of you stay healthy and happy in 2020” and did not forget to promote the show by adding, “Please like and subscribe to ‘TREASURE MAP’”. During the late-evening, he shared his recent music works created with members including MASHIHO and HARUTO.
YOSHI, BANG YE DAM, DOYOUNG, HARUTO, and PARK JEONG WOO had a chicken mukbang at the training room. HARUTO put care in creating contents even in the weekend by presenting an AASMR of him eating chicken. The members then gathered all together and practiced their choreography in a joyful mood. They presented a 2020 version of ‘Going Crazy’, the signal song of ‘YG TREASURE BOX’. Their professionalism stood out while they checked their motions and choreography themselves while working hard to the point they had sweat running down in beads.
The members enjoyed their weekend even after their practice was over. BANG YE DAM, DOYOUNG, YOSHI, and MASHIHO made teams of 2 and played basketball and soccer. After a fierce match, the teams tied and enjoyed the competition itself rather than being concerned about the results.
TREASURE ended the day by watching a horror film. Each member showed different reactions while watching the horror film, which made the viewers burst in laughter. The members mischievously laid on JUNKU’s bed after watching the film, while JUNKYU said “Good night everyone” towards the camera despite being flustered.
‘TREASURE MAP’ contains the story of TREASURE’s 12 creators, heading towards their subscribers’ hearts(treasure). MAP has the meaning of ‘the most interesting project’ created by TREASURE. The program is uploaded every Friday at 12 PM.

2020. 1. 24

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Treasure Map


Episode 3:  Tour of Seoul


Synopsis:  Jihoon, Junkyu, and Jaehyuk give Haruto a tour of Ikseondong on a 100 thousand won budget while Yedam, Jeongwoo, and Junghwan do the same for Mashiho but in Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, and at Namsan Tower. (Note:  Hyunsuk, Yoshi, Asahi, and Doyoung do not appear in this episode.)



Fish-shaped waffles (bungeoppang, 붕어빵; "carp bread")  and fish cake on a stick.  Nom nom.

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YG’s Rookie Group TREASURE Introduces Attractions of Seoul Through Subway for the Japanese Members





[스포츠조선닷컴=김준석 기자] The Seoul trip of YG’s rookie group TREASURE was revealed. The members’ joyous outing for HARUTO and MASHIHO made the fans smile.

On January 31 at 12 PM, YG Entertainment uploaded the third episode of ‘TREASURE MAP’ through their official blog and TREASURE’s official YouTube channel.

The third episode of ‘TREASURE MAP’ showed the members divide into two teams of HARUTO, JIHOON, YOON JAE HYUK, and JUNKYU(Team HARUTO) and MASHIHO, BANG YE DAM, PARK JEONG WOO, and SO JUNG HWAN(Team MASHIHO) to go on a Seoul tour utilizing their budget of 100 thousand won.

Team HARUTO headed to Ikseon-dong, currently known as the hot place of Seoul. After arriving in Jongro 3-ga through subway, the members showed excitement from the entrance of Ikseon-dong due to its mixture of old-fashioned buildings and modern taste and stated, “I like the retro vibes”.

While walking through the streets, team HARUTO got attracted to delicious looking cakes and went into the store. They were surprised by the unexpectedly high price but ordered a cake and finished it in a minute. Team HARUTO presented a sweet cake ‘mukbang’ while stating “It’s so soft” and “wow” in awe.

The members then looked up their fortune of 2020. The members read their fortunes out loud, hoping for a new year full of happy moments. Later, JIHOON-YOON JAE HYUK and HARUTO-JUNKYU challenged on archery, ate kalguksu, and cheered while stating, “Let’s go eat Bungeoppang” and ended their happy outing in Jongro.

Team MASHIHO’s first angle was Dongdaemun. BANG YE DAM acted as a passionate guide for MASHIHO who has visited Dongdaemun for the first time and explained, “The inside was a castle, entirely. Seoul has Dongdaemun, Seodaemun, and Namdaemun”.

After visiting the Dongdaemun Shopping Tower, the members visited the N Seoul Tower. Before climbing up Namsan, team MASHIHO began a word chain game of food while eating dinner. PARK JEONG WOO got stuck and had to watch the members taste pork cutlet for minutes.

Since their budget was limited, they divided into ‘walking’ and ‘cable car’ teams. Thanks to BANG YE DAM and PARK JEONG WOO’s consideration, MASHIHO and SO JUNG HWAN were able to take the cable car to climb Namsan. BANG YE DAM and PARK JEONG WOO showed their positive attitudes by stating, “We should compensate for what we ate” and started walking despite the cold weather.

After meeting in Namsan with the beautiful night view of Seoul, the four members had time to make wishes on wish locks. BANG YE DAM stated, “We should all write something, I wrote health”, while PARK JEONG WOO hoped for “Victory after victory”. SO JUNG HWAN revealed his aspirations by hoping, “Let’s go to Billboard”.

Team MASHIHO placed their locks on a visible spot and made their wishes. BANG YE DAM stated, “We’re on the beginning stage, so please keep your eyes on us”. He then waved his hand while sharing parting words, “Now let’s go practice!” for the next episode.

‘TREASURE MAP’ contains the story of the 12 creators of TREASURE, heading towards the subscribers hearts(treasure). The show presents TREASURE’s sincere and genuine aspects during their daily lives. ‘TREASURE MAP’ is uploaded every Friday at 12 PM, once a week.

2020. 1. 31

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Treasure Map' YG rookie Treasure challenged all day without smartphone



[OSEN = 김은애 Journalist] YG rookie group Treasure has built a solid teamwork by performing a mission without a smartphone.

YG Entertainment posted 4 episodes of 'TREASURE MAP' on the official blog and Treasure YouTube channel at 12 noon on the 7th.

In 'Treasure Map' Episode 4, we had time to find out the status of smartphone addiction. In the preliminary interview, some members such as Yoon Jae-hyuk, Asahi, Park Jung-woo, Do-young, and Jun-gyu said that it was not a smartphone addiction and observed Treasure's daily life to confirm the fact.

Treasure in everyday life, no one could put the smartphone out of hand. The smartphone addiction test was conducted to close the eyes and type the given sentences on the keyboard to check the exact status of the members. The members, except the two, failed to write the correct sentence, and it was depicted that Treasure gathered somewhere on the bus.

Arriving at a villa in Incheon, members' smartphones were locked in a locked box. Treasure was amazed at the villa 'Smart Phone Addiction Therapy Health Retreat' and was given a lunch mission to complete the answer to the question without searching the smartphone.

The members had to find a cottage address, a YG new office address, and a chicken house phone number near the cottage with paper hints inside and outside the villa without searching the smartphone. Treasure split into two teams of 6: 6, struggling to get a hint between indoors and outdoors.

The members, who searched for hints while navigating the villa, showed laughter on the `` paper ''. While the wrong answers continued, Hyunseok team (CHOI Hyun-seok, Ji-hoon, Jun-gyu, Yoon Jae-hyuk, Do-young, Park Jung-woo) succeeded in correcting the three questions and poured out cheers.

The winning team was served two chickens for lunch, and the gin team had a salad and mixed meals. Asahi who enjoyed 2L of water as the bonus time was given a five-minute carbohydrate pass.

'Treasure Map' is a story about the creators of Treasure 12 who traveled in search of the subscriber's heart (treasure). You can see the treasure of everyday life. The Treasure Map is uploaded regularly every Friday at 12 noon.




Poor them.  All are on a low carb diet.

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