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What are your 3 meals like on a typical day?


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For me ~

Breakfast - fried bee hoon with kopi (traditional roast coffee)

Lunch - mee kia (noodles) dry

Dinner - varies, depends on mood and hunger intensity 0u0plz.png



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breakfast = sandwich, fruits or milk

lunch = the leftovers from sunday's lunch (except when it's saturday because there aren't leftovers anymore)

dinner = see lunch


the things that go in the lunch are usually rice, lentil, some sort of meat that becomes disgusting after more than 3 days at the fridge and vegetables

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breakfast: yogurt + orange juice 

lunch: whatever they're serving at the school cafeteria on weekdays (usually pizza, grilled cheese, "chicken" nuggets, or a pb&j sandwich). on weekends whatever my mom cooks (somali food)

dinner: whatever my mom cooks (somali food)

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Not gonna lie, my typical uni day meals are tragic.


Breakfast: Nothing. Toast on rare days.

Lunch: Usually nothing big because I have long, consecutive classes and can't have a proper meal. Ranges from biscuits, muesli bars, sandwiches, sushi rolls or nothing lol.

Dinner: Rice and whatever my mum makes to go along with it. Fruit afterwards when I get hungry again.

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breakfast: eggs, avo, americano (black) / protein shake, americano (black)

lunch: greek yoghurt, bananas, nuts + seeds

dinner: usually chicken/salmon, veggies

dessert: one piece of dark unsweetened chocolate / a spoon of proteinella (sugarfree, palm oil free, organic nutella with added protein)

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