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OH!Snap [RELAUNCH] General C-Entertainment Translation Request Thread

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It has been a long time, but OH SNAP: we have decided to relaunch General Request! Please note that in this thread, only requests relating to C-ENTERTAINMENT will be considered based on the rules outlined below. We are figuring things out again so we welcome constructive feedback~

1. Timeline

1st of the month: Requests open.
15th of the month: Requests close by midnight.
Last day of the month: Latest day for translations to be posted.


For now, this project will to run on a monthly cycle rather than the weekly cycle lyrics request uses. Adjustments will be made as the need arises. Any requests that fall outside the open period (the 1st-15th of each month) will not be considered. You will need to resubmit your request during the next month's open period.
2. Request Cap
Each eligible user is allowed to make 1 request per month. During each open period, we will accept up to a total of 5 requests. These limits are subject to change, depending on the demand and our availability. Requests will be considered on the condition that you meet all the rules.


※ Eligibility is defined by a minimum of 25 posts in the OneHallyu forums at the time of posting the request. It's easy to participate in OH. Converse, contribute, but don't spam!
3. Request Details
What we will translate:
Please provide all available source links!

  • Short* news articles or editorial pieces related to C-entertainment — You must provide the text under a spoiler + source link.
  • Comments on news articles or editorial pieces related to C-entertainment — You must provide source link.
  • Short* magazine interviews — You must provide either a) the text under a spoiler + source; or b) the scans (must be legible) under a spoiler + source.
  • Posts on Weibo, Instagram, or Twitter â€” We will reject requests a) of personal posts on fan blogs; b) of what we deem to be malicious posts; c) at our discretion (see section 6: disclaimers).


※ What is "short"? That is a good question and we're still figuring out what will be reasonable. As such, for the moment, we will judge your requests on a case-by-case basis.


What we won't accept here:

  • Song lyrics — We will take these requests only in the respective lyrics translation request thread.
  • Anything in video format â€” This includes but is not limited to news segments, TV show clips, video interviews, and fancams.
  • Anything unrelated to the entertainment scene 



4. Request Form
Make your request by filling out this form and posting it in this thread:

[b]Username[/b]: [b]Request[/b] [b]category[/b] (e.g. news article): [b]Content[/b] [b]to be translated[/b] (post the text here): 


Source (link): 

We will edit your post to indicate whether a request has been accepted or rejected. If the grounds for rejection are technical (e.g. you gave a source link that does not work), you may try again. If it is instead due to the content, that rejection is final.
5. Credit
These translations are done as a favor for the requesters and the general public, so please respect the hard work that the translators have put in! Do no claim as your own. Do not edit the translations. Always give that particular translator full credit, indicate that he/she is from OneHallyu, and link back!
6. Disclaimers

  • Translators may reject or choose to not accept requests at their own discretion.
  • Translators are accountable only for the accuracy of the translations, not for the truthfulness/reliability of the content translated!
  • Have something you'd like to get translated but it doesn't quite fall in any of the above categories (under both "will" and "won't" accept)? We welcome your inquiries in this thread~
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