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[CURRENTLY AIRING] Goodbye My Princess (Peng Xiaoran, Chen Xingxu) based on novel Eastern Palace

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A love story revolves around the 9th Princess of Western Liang as she journeys to the Central Plains to fulfill a marriage alliance with the Crown Prince. Having received overwhelming love and admiration as the 9th Princess, Xiao Feng is forced to leave the life that she has known in order to become the Crown Princess. Her husband, the black-bellied Crown Prince, holds the highest position second only to one, the Emperor. However, the Eastern Palace is the most dangerous place to be. For political reasons, the Prince has no choice but to marry the Princess from a foreign land. He has his own favored concubine while she has her own life. Two parallel lines begin to intersect in a place fraught with danger and deadly power play and buried somewhere deep inside are memories that have yet to resurface.




Good Bye My Princess – 东宫
Release Date: 2019-02-14
Main Cast: Peng Xiao Ran, Chen Xing Xu
Genre: Costume & Period, Romance
Network: Youku
Episodes: 52
Original Novel: Goodbye My Princess by Fei Wo Si Cun


A spoiler of the whole novel summarized, click to see (thanks to Rukiy of MDL):



The story starts out as Xiao Feng meets Gu Jian in one of her escapades outside of Dong Gong. He claims to know her but she doesn’t remember him at all. Pei Zhao encounters her and we find out that she is actually the Crown Princess, the first wife of the Crown Prince, Li Cheng Yin. Li Cheng Yin does not seem to like Xiao Feng at all and often comes to fight with her, especially about the treatment of Zhao Liang Di, his beloved consort. After much urging from Yong Niang, Xiao Feng’s maid, she decides to visit Zhao Liang Di. They are cordial but obviously do not like each other. To Xiao Feng’s horror, Zhao Liang Di convinces Li Cheng Yin to spend the night at Xiao Feng’s palace but they get into a fight again. 

Xiao Feng sneaks out of the palace again and sees a drowning boy. The silly girl jumps in the pond to save him but then realizes that she herself does not know how to swim. Good thing her trusty A'Du is there to pull her and the boy ashore. However, the drowning boy accused Xiao Feng of pushing him into the water. The villagers demand for her to pay some kind of reparation to the boy’s family but she indignantly refuses. Pei Zhao is called over to verify Xiao Feng’s identity as one of his men (Xiao Feng is dressed as a man) and Pei Zhao manages to expose the truth. When she returns to the palace, the Empress accuses her of drugging Xu Niang, another one of Li Cheng Yin’s consorts, and aborting her baby. Outraged, Xiao Feng stands up for herself but Li Cheng Yin refuses to plead on her behalf, and tells the Empress that she should do what she sees fit. The Empress then reveals that the maid who poisoned Xu Niang was actually indebted to Zhao Liang Di’s family and that she was the one who schemed to set the Crown Princess up. Of course, now Li Cheng Yin begs the Empress to reinvestigate, but she still decides to strip Zhao Liang Di of her position. Li Cheng Yin angrily hits Xiao Feng and accuses her of creating this elaborate trap for his precious consort. She immediately hits him back and he storms off. Later that night, Gu Jian appears outside her window and when he sees her swollen face, he angrily threatens to kill the person who hit her. She calms him down and he offers to take her away. He tells her a little about their past, how he lost his sword to her and promised to love, take care, and accompany her, how he made her wait for him for three days and three nights. He asks her if she is still angry at him, and she replies that she isn’t, she doesn’t even remember who he is.

Meanwhile, Li Cheng Yin has drunk himself into a stupor and fallen ill. Xiao Feng goes to see him but he grabs onto her hand and refuses to let go. She needs to use the toilet so Yong Niang orders them to bring it into Li Cheng Yin’s bedroom. He wakes up just as she is relieving herself and begins to laugh. Xiao Feng flies into a rage and tussles with Li Cheng Yin, they end up kissing. She walks back to her own palace with her hair and clothes a mess, inciting many rumors about the couple. Li Cheng Yin adds fuel to the fire when he sends her a belt decorated with mandarin ducks to replace the one that he ruined. She is admonished by the Empress for not restraining herself while Li Cheng Yin was ill. Enraged, she sneaks into his palace for revenge but once again ends up kissing Li Cheng Yin, at that moment, an assassin comes and stabs him in the chest. A'Du chases after the assassin and is injured. Xiao Feng calls Gu Jian to come and save A'Du, which he does, he also gives her medicine for Li Cheng Yin’s wound. By this time, Xiao Feng already knows that she actually likes Li Cheng Yin. The Emperor accuses the Empress of hiring the assassin, like how she poisoned Li Cheng Yin’s mother and strips her of her position. When Li Cheng Yin recovers, she hardens her heart and calls for Zhao Liang Di, the person she believes he loves.

She sneaks out of the palace again and spends an evening chatting and singing with Pei Zhao, but the evening turns sour when he urges her not to go to the entertainment houses anymore. She retorts that she should be able to make her own friends and tells him to go and be his Prince Consort. Li Cheng Yin comes to visit her one night and makes a move on her again. She pushes him away and tell him to go find Zhao Liang Di. They begin to argue again and he storms off, swearing that he will never come to visit her again. She is called on by the Grand Empress Dowager, who locks her in a room with Li Cheng Yin for several days in hopes of getting a great-great grandchild. She actually drugs the food with an aphrodisiac and Li Cheng Yin once again makes a move on Xiao Feng, but she ties him up and tells him to be good for Zhao Liang Di, even when he tries to explain that he likes Xiao Feng.

One night, as Xiao Feng tries to sneak out of the palace again, Li Cheng Yin asks her to bring him along. They go to an entertainment house and find out that the Emperor was also there. However, an assassin comes and take the Emperor hostage, but Xiao Feng exchanges herself as a hostage instead. She later finds out that the assassin is actually Gu Jian and tries to run away. Gu Jian promises to free her if she goes somewhere with him. He takes her to the festival where the Emperor and Li Cheng Yin were greeting their people. Xiao Feng sees Zhao Liang Di by his side and runs away, heartbroken because he does not seem to care that she was taken hostage at all. She falls ill and A'Du finds her.

Here, she flashes back to three years ago, she was fifteen and the most beloved princess of the Western Liang. The Emperor of the Central Plains asks her father to marry her to his son, the Crown Prince while the Chanyu of Yuzhi also asks for her hand in marriage. Her father tells her that if she has someone she likes, he can marry her off and without offending either country. Her shifu tells her that he knows an excellent man and sends her off with only a jade pendant to wait for a man with a matching pendant. She waits three days and three nights for this man, but when he does not appear, she angrily tosses the pendant away and rides off. Soon after, a man catches up to her and says that he picked up something that might be hers, she looks up and sees the matching pendants. This man, Gu Xiao Wu, is actually her shifu’s friend but she does not immediately like him. Every time he asks when she is going to marry him, Xiao Feng just laughs it off. With increasing pressure for her hand in marriage from both sides, she rides off to find her maternal grandfather, the Great Chanyu. However, the escort her grandfather sent were cornered by Yuzhi troops and she is sent off to find help. She encounters Gu Xiao Wu, who urges her to ask the Central Plains for help as their garrison is closer than her grandfather’s. At first the commander wasn’t willing to help Xiao Feng, but Gu Xiao Wu tells something to the commander, who immediately sends thousands of troops against the Yuzhi. 

However, the Chanyu of the Yuzhi is still not satisfied so her grandfather promised her hand to anyone who could kill the great white wolf, thought only to be a legend. However, Gu Xiao Wu comes upon and kills this wolf first. No one believed that he actually killed tho wolf but his martial arts turned out to be formidable, as he won an archery contest against one of the Great Chanyu’s best warriors. He gains the trust of Xiao Feng and the Great Chanyu. Still unsure whether she wants to marry Gu Xiao Wu, Xiao Feng asks him to catch a hundred fireflies for her. He does and she realizes that she actually does love Gu Xiao Wu. On the day of their wedding, the Yuzhi sent an army against them and the Great Chanyu allows Gu Xiao Wu to lead his army. However, they were completely destroyed by an army from the Central Plains and Xiao Feng takes off, believing that her Gu Xiao Wu was killed in battle. She and A'Du are captured by Pei Zhao, who take them to the Crown Prince of the Central Plains. To Xiao Feng’s surprise, the Crown Prince is actually Gu Xiao Wu, who seems to have completely changed to a cold and unfeeling person. Angry and betrayed, she vows to take revenge for her grandfather and his people. She is rescued from the Crown Prince, Li Cheng Yin by her shifu, Gu Jian. Gu Jian is actually Li Cheng Yin’s cousin and conspired with him to take over the Xi Yu kingdoms. Gu Jian regrets his role in betraying her and tells her and A'Du to run away while he buys sometime for them against Li Cheng Yin’s army. 

She runs back to her father’s Western Liang, but finds that soldiers from the Central Plains have the city under complete control. Her father has gone mad with grief because her mother was forced to commit suicide and attacks the soldiers. Li Cheng Yin threatens to kill her father and destry the Western Liang if she does not marry him. She agrees but before their marriage, she asks again if Gu Xiao Wu would be willing to catch a hundred fireflies for her. Li Cheng Yin coldly replies that it’s winter now and there aren’t anymore fireflies. She runs to the the River of Forgetfulness and tells Li Cheng Yin the myth that if you jump into this river, you would forget everything that you want. She wants to forget about him for the rest of her life and jumps. He uses the belt she gave him on the day of their marriage to grab her wrist but she cuts herself loose and falls. Li Cheng Yin actually jumps with her, holding her as they both fell into the River of Forgetfulness.

Xiao Feng wakes up from her flask back to find herself in Dong Gong again. She bitterly mourns that she has remembered everything now and remembers how she vowed to take revenge on Li Cheng Yin. Li Cheng Yin comes to visit her, but she stabs him with her hairpin. Pained, he asks her why but then says he knows why she did this, he separated her from her lover. She bitterly agrees and tells him that he killed the man she loves, Gu Xiao Wu. He leaves, angry, and she decides to return to Western Liang with A'Du. 

One day, Pei Zhao gives her a snow white kitten as he sees the she has not been happy lately.The kitten cheers her up but she also finds out the Xu Bao Lin, Li Cheng Yin’s other consort has become deathly ill. She visits Xu Bao Lin and stays by her bedside until she passes. She looks for him after Xu Bao Lin’s death but they end up fighting again, biting each others lips until they both bled. She screams at him, Gu Xiao Wu is a thousand times, a hundred thousand times better than him and that he cannot compare to Gu Xiao Wu at all.

The kitten Pei Zhao gave her was thrown into a pond and drowned. Li Cheng Yin angrily blames it on Zhao Liang Di, who in turn accuses Xiao Feng of setting her up. She bribed Xu Bao Lin’s maids to accuse Xiao Feng of poisoning Xu Bao Lin and Li Cheng Yin locks her up in the Cold Palace. A few months later, someone set fire to the Cold Palace and she tries to escape. Gu Jian comes to save her and A'Du but the Imperial Guards, led by Pei Zhao, surround him after he saves Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng pleads with Pei Zhao to spare Gu Jian and A'Du but he says that he cannot let the assassin who threatened the Emperor live. He orders the soldiers to shoot Gu Jian, who uses his own body to protect A'Du. Xiao Feng runs to them and seeing that A'Du is alive and unharmed, except for a few wounds on her legs, she turns to Gu Jian. She asks him why he didn’t break past the arrows, with his martial arts, he could. With his last breath, he replied that he didn’t want her to be heartbroken anymore, if A'Du died, she would be heartbroken. She weeps bitterly for Gu Jian, how silly and selfless he was, even though she never loved him.

Li Cheng Yin comes to see her but she angrily turns him away. He set up that trap to kill Gu Jian and used her to get rid of the Zhao and Gao families, who plotted to murder his mother with the Empress twenty years ago. He has been plotting this revenge for a long time and simply used Zhao Liang Di as part of his scheme for revenge. She asks him, how could he bear to kill A'Du? He replies that she is just a servant. She thinks about Gu Jian, who knew that it would break her heart if A'Du died so he risked everything just to protect her. Li Cheng Yin says that he knows that Gu Jian is Gu Xiao Wu but he could not let the Emperor’s assassin live. She tells him that he is wrong, Gu Xiao Wu had already died. He tells he that he loves her and he simply wants her to trust him again. She asks, how can she trust him when he was able to pretend to love Zhao Liang Di for years and turn around and kill her and her entire family? She asks him if he would kill her for the throne. He replies that he wouldn’t but she knows that he would.

A'Du awakens and begins to recover. She tells Xiao Feng that taking the Emperor hostage was actually Li Cheng Yin’s scheme. Xiao Feng is shocked that he would kill his cousin, Gu Jian, who had done so much of his dirty work. She thought he was frightening three years ago, but he has become even more frightening three years later. She decides to return to Western Liang with A'Du. 

The Emperor holds a banquet and gifts Li Cheng Yin with a girl, as he only has one consort remaining. Li Cheng Yin refuses but Xiao Feng accepts for him. On the way back, Li Cheng Yin angrily stops her carriage and takes her to his palace. He throws her onto the bed and they begin to fight again, but in the end, he hugs her against him tightly and falls into a deep sleep. Xiao Feng actually put sleeping powder under her nails and scratched him during their fight, injecting it into his system. Using this opportunity, Xiao Feng and A'Du escaped from the palace and head towards the Xi Yu kingdoms. Li Cheng Yin sent soldiers to search for them but she managed to evade capture until the Yu Men Guan (The Jade Gateway) where Pei Zhao was searching each person leaving through the gate. They see each other and Xiao Feng smiles at him, telling him that she is not returning to Li Cheng Yin. He tells her that if her life was threatened, he would not dare to risk harming her. She immediately understands and tells A'Du to take her as a hostage. They are almost at the gate when Li Cheng Yin sends the order to close the doors, she pushes A'Du outside the gate while she herself is locked in.

He asks her, is she really that unwilling to be his bride, what is good about Gu Xiao Wu? She replies that she will never tell him the good things about Gu Xiao Wu. She asks him again if he would catch a hundred fireflies for her. Xiao Feng then bitterly says that it’s wonderful that he can forget for a whole lifetime, she wants to forget him forever, too. She runs to a cliff and jumps off, he grabs her wrist with his belt, but she tells him to forget her, Gu Xiao Wu. He realizes that he is actually Gu Xiao Wu and he is the person that she’s loved this whole time, but it’s too late as she has already severed his belt. He tried to jump off the cliff too, but Pei Zhao grabs him. Xiao Feng feels herself falling, falling, falling but A'Du uses herself to cushion her fall. As A'Du lies, broken and dying, Xiao Feng realizes that she cannot be separated from A'Du and A'Du cannot be separated from her. She tell A'Du that they are going back to Western Liang and uses A'Du’s golden knife to stab herself. After all that she’s been though, what is there to afraid of anymore?






















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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASS~~ I have been waiting for this. But I hope it gets subbed.

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