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[UPCOMING DRAMA] The Life Planner / Destiny's Love (Zhang Ming En, Xu Lu)

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An eternal love story that span a thousand years between a workaholic entertainment producer and a deity whose assignment is to write the journey of life for every human beings.


Chi Yu (Zhang Ming En), a spirit collecting fate’s due, comes and goes from the human incarnation he’s donned to carry out his tasks. One day, a traffic accident sends him spinning into terrestrial beauty Wen Suxi (Xu Lu)’s world. As their love-struck relationship deepens, Chi learns through otherworldly channels that Wen won’t be long for the world. Forced to choose between delivering fate and taking it into his own hands, Chi discovers that there’s more to his connection with Wen than meets even a supernatural eye, linking them across lives and millennia. 





Destiny’s Love – 爱上北斗星男å‹

Release Date: TBA

Status: Finished filming in April 2018

Main Cast: Xu Lu, Zhang Ming En, Wu Xin, Ren Yan Kai

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Network: iQIYI

Episodes: 36


Where to watch with subtitles: currently no subbing in planning

(request the license on Viki and Netflix)


Year of Production: 2018

Production Company: iQIYI, Joy & CO Pictures

Producer: Chen Zhi Xi

Director: Zhang Si Lin

Screenwriter: Yu Ao

Filming Location: Guangzhou





Pictures and posters:





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