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Events Section Directory

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Are you confused about what each section is for, here we give you a brief explanation of anything you can find in this section.


The main section is the place where important pinned threads about the whole Events section and the Events Team are. In those threads you can find:

It will also be the section where the Events Team members posts mini updates or reminder about the Events Team and its activities.



A subsection dedicated to the legacy of OH! It keeps track of OH and its Events history. This sub-section is to enrich the OH! experience. You can find threads such as:

  • The Yearbook: It tracks down the history of OH with its staff teams, biggest events and also serves as a Hall Of Fame for communities or events winners.
  • The Trophy Room: Trophies commemorating the winners of our biggest events.
  • Guest Books: Give a chance to users to get a ticket and enter the Events Team Seasonal Raffle!



A subsection where you can find all events and games to have fun in. Follow it if you haven't.

You will find all the games hosted by the Events Team or by OH users there. If you want to host, you can either host by yourself with your own prizes, or ask for a sponso by the Events Team so we provide the prizes for you! You can address your requests here:

  • The Sponsor & Pin my Games Thread: If you want to have your event/game sponsored by the events team you can go to this thread to know how. Additionally, if you are hosting a game and would like for it to be pinned inside the section then you can also go here to find out how.



This section reunites all the "spam" games that were once in the main Events Team section. You can play there some never-ending games such as "Who's your bias in the group above", "Count to 1M" or "Have you ever?".

A perfect way to keep you occupied if you are some free time on your hands!



An archive of old events that were hosted in OH! This sub-section is dedicated to keep all the old large scale events that were once hosted in OH!

What can you find here? Forum wide events that lasted a long time & had their own section such as Fandom Wars, OHgwarts, etc.



[NEWS] We also launched a discord server for Onehallyu users to easily get alerted when games and events are hosted. It also serves for users that want to promote their games, and for anyone to chat together! Click here to join the server:


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