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Sponsor & Pin My Games Official Thread

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If you want a game you are hosting sponsored or just pinned in this section you are the right place



How do I get my game/event or signup pinned in Events & Games?
First, is your thread eligible? It MUST be:
  • Either a signup for your game/event(Sign up needs to be days before the hosting date).
  • OR A game/event lasting longer than 24 hours.
Additionally, we only pin threads for a maximum of 3 weeks.
If eligible for pinning, then you MUST:
  1. Have your OP already created.
  2. Complete this form:
    Pin Request Form
    Pin Duration:
  3.  Post form in this thread

We reserve the right to deny your pinning request, for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Incomplete form.
  • Not fulfilling eligibility requirements.

What are the rules for my Mini Game to be sponsored?

  • Sponsorship for mini games only has available Won & 3 Plats max for 1st place.
  • You need to send your request 1-2 weeks prior to hosting.
  • It needs to include a suitable OP of the game ready.
  • The maximum amount of won we can sponsor is 1 million.
  • We will only sponsor one game per month per user, unless is related to an event.
  • You need to send a PM to the Events Coordinator @Koya. Titled: Mini Game Sponsorship with your username as well. Example: Mini Game Sponsorship Koya.
  • If sponsored and you cancel the game, the sponsorship will be lost. You will need to apologize to your players as GM and notify them that they will no longer have prizes.
  • If sponsored you will be required to add this graphic in your prizes.




What are the rules for my Events / Large scale game to be sponsored?
  1. Complete the request form below and send in a PM to the Events Coordinator @Koya.
    Names of GM(s) Hosting:
    Game Title:
    Date Hosting:
    How long will this game/event be?:
    Objective of the Game (please explain):
    Difficulty (1-5 scale, 1 = very easy, 5 = very hard):
    Type of sponsorship requested (token, stamp, etc. We do not offer wons and please GIVE US an estimate of what you want!):
    Prize distribution:
    Reason for your request:
    What sets your game/event apart from the others? Why should the Events Team sponsor it?:
  2. Requests must be submitted a 1-2 weeks prior to the event being held. 
  3. Decision is made by the events team(mainly the coordinator)
  4. The user will be notified of their request status after submission is reviewed. Additionally, we only sponsor a user once per month
  5. Sponsored users have one month to host their game or all prizes will be void.  This begins when they get approved
  6. In the case that you cancel your game while its ongoing. You will lose your prizes and the game will no longer be sponsored so no prizes will be given. You will need to apologize to your players as GM and explain why they wont receive prizes
  7. If sponsored you will be required to add this graphic to your game :


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What if the game doesn't have any graphic but only words?

For sponsorship i mean


Having graphics in your OP isn't mandatory, as long as the game is clear and seems fittable for sponsorship.

What is asked is to add the little "sponsored by the events team" image if the sponso is accepted.

Edited by Koya

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1 minute ago, Clay said:

Pin Request Form


Username: Clay
Game/Event: Chocolatier Quest
Time/Dates: 29-30th
Pin Duration: today and tomorrow



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