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OH! Press Updates #17: Summer to Winter Releases, Exclusive Interviews, Tokyo Game Show Content, Award Shows, EXO, (G)I-DLE, Produce 48, and More!

OH! Press EXO (G)I-DLE Produce 48 IZ*ONE Red Velvet NCT Anime Generations

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Posted 01 February 2019 - 01:02 AM (Edited by Sakura_Harano, 01 February 2019 - 10:06 AM.)



Hello and welcome back to our monthly updates! Can it really be called monthly updates when the last one was 6 months ago, who knows at this point.


Anyways, you'll find all the releases from the second half of 2018 below – you're bound to find something just for you!




OH! Press Picks | Our All-Time Favourite Anime Male Leads

We're back with another anime related OH! Press Picks, this time with out favorite male characters!



espressOH! Is a laid-back area where the writers unwind and share their thoughts on various content.


Things might get a bit messy in here, sensitive readers be warned!


EspressOH! - VIXX’s Leo is sexy and surprisingly good at art in MV teaser for “Touch & Sketch” by SLY
SLY is back with another appreciation article centered around Leo's solo debut.


EspressOH! - The Most Compelling Kingdom Hearts Characters by Rinni
Great piece discussing the characters of Kingdom Hearts, just in time for the release of Kingdom Hearts 3!


EspressOH! - Favorite anime main characters who proudly wield their own strong swords by SLY

Check out SLY's list of sword wielding anime male characters, you won't be disappointed in the choices.


EspressOH! - Gugudan is back with “Not That Type” and the girls ain’t here to play! Apparently, Soyee literally ain’t here as well by SLY

SLY gives the rundown on Gugudan's latest comeback, "Not That Type."


EspressOH! - Studies show that Seventeen’s Kim Mingyu is Highly Detrimental to Health by Mogwai
Mogwai takes on a creative piece for her latest espressOH! article, but warning, Mingyugitis is highly contagious!


EspressOH! - Death is extra hot, sexy, and attractive because of this male idol! by SLY
SLY revisits an old topic and hint, it's about a VIXX member!


EspressOH! - Is Seventeen’s ‘Holiday’ MV Proof that Director Wonwoo is the King of Found Footage? by Mogwai
Seventeen becomes lively and goofy in a special MV for Holiday, made to commemorate 1,000 days as a group!


EspressOH! - EXO’s Kai Wears Socks Now, Fame Has Changed Him by Mogwai
Kai wears socks now. That's it, that's the tweet.


EspressOH! - How (G)I-DLE Soyeon Rose From the Ashes of P101 by Mogwai
At this point, who isn't stanning multi-talented rapper Soyeon (and GIDLE). Check out the article!


EspressOH! - Future NCT Units That SM Should Debut ASAP by Mogwai
Mogwai discusses great ideas for future NCT units, take notes SM.


EspressOH! - “July Found by Chance” is the Most Beautifully Self-Aware Manhwa by Wasta
Wasta digs deep in a slice of life romance webtoon (Manhwa), give it a read!


EspressOH! - Winter is supposed to be cold but Cha Hakyeon and Lee Yikyung made the season oh so hot! by SLY
SLY is back at it again with another new VIXX article, this time it's about a certain photoshoot.





Remaining Produce 48 contestants who can confidently be the final group’s main vocalist by SLY
Written around the time Produce48 was airing, SLY gives her list of main vocalists who should join the final lineup!


REVIEW | EXO’s Baekhyun Launches Street Fashion Brand “Privé by BBH” by Wasta
One of the rare topics we have on OH! Press, Beauty & Fashion! Wasta gives her thoughts on Beakhyun's fashion brand, "Prive
 by BBH."


The National Producers have spoken. Here are the twelve Produce 48 hopefuls that made it to IZONE! by SLY
A recap and short description of all the members that made it to the final lineup of IZ*ONE!


Let’s get VERIVERY familiar with Jellyfish Entertainment’s new boy group! by SLY
Get to know VERIVERY, Jellyfish Ent's latest boy group, through this informative article!


When Will EXO Return From The War? by Thesteelheart
A play on words to EXO's album The War, Thesteelheart discusses about Exo's future comeback (written before Tempo was released). 


INTERVIEW | Wake Yourself Up with Marmello! by Leicester
Our second ever K-pop video interview, this time with Marmello! Go check it out.


The SLY Choice | Favorite K-Pop Releases from the 1st Half of 2018 by SLY
SLY gives her list of favorite K-pop releases, you'll definitely agree with at least one of them!


Tap That!: Idols on Instagram That Will Refresh Your Mundane Feed by Thesteelheart
Instagram content is quite important for almost every celebrity, Steel Heart gives a rundown on which K-pop idol to follow.


REVIEW | “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” Gives its Webcomic Source Material a Facelift by Wasta
Wasta always comes through when it comes to drama content, check out her review of "My ID is Gangnam Beauty"!


Missing Under the Spotlight: K-pop Artists that Should Make a Comeback by Thesteelheart
Even some well known and popular groups haven't made a comeback in so long, check out the article!


Rise of the K-Pop Game-dols: From (G)I-DLE & League of Legends to Idol Gamers by Mogwai
As a gamer and a Neverland, I approve of this article. 


REVIEW | Memoir of a Murderer Lacks a Surprising Amount of Memorability by Wasta
A thriller film this time, Wasta gives a review of the box office hit "Memoir of a Murderer".


Currently Out of Tempo for EXO feat. SM Entertainment by Thesteelheart
Steel Heart discusses the frustrations EXO-ls' have with SM for the lack of promotions (luckily that changed with Love Shot). 


Asia Artist Awards 2018 | The Best and Worst Looks On The Red Carpet! by Mogwai
Mogwai gives her pick of best and worst red carpet looks at AAA 2018!


10 YouTube Trends That are Staples in K-Pop Stan Culture by Choiyujins
10 types of K-pop fan videos that you've definitely seen while surfing YouTube.


Melon Music Awards 2018: A Parade in Black, Glimmer, and Other Hues on the Red Carpet! by Thesteelheart
Another red carpet look article, this time for the Melon Music Awards 2018!


REVIEW | “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” A Whole Lot, Actually by Wasta
Wasta talks about her likes and dislikes in the latest review of melodrama "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?"


To All the Produce 48 Trainees I’ve Loved Before by Fallingslowly
A take on of "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," Fallingslowly talks about her favorite participants (specifically the ones that didn't make it on the final lineup).


Tales of Christmas As Told by K-Pop Music Videos by Thesteelheart
The Holidays! Steel Heart shows us all the K-pop music videos with a holiday theme.




REVIEW | BLACKPINK’s First Mini Hits Us With That “DDU-DU DDU-DU” by Sansa
Read Sansa's review on BlackPink's first mini album, "Square Up".


REVIEW | Fairies Show Growth and Maturity in Their Second Album “Jukebox” by Sakura Harano
Sakura's review on Fairies' latest album (last one was released almost 4 years ago), Jukebox! Showcasing a new side of their music style.


REVIEW | Grab a ‘Piece of Summer’ with Lovelyz in special single “Wag-zak”! by SLY

An in-depth review of "Wag-Zak" by SLY that shows the charm side of Lovelyz!


HOT DEBUT | NeonPunch bursts into the K-pop scene with ‘Moonlight’ by Sansa

A100 Entertainment's new girl group, NeonPunch, debut album reviewed by Sansa.


REVIEW | MelodyDay’s “Restless” is a sweet and melodic summer jam by Sansa

MelodyDay comes back once again with a jazz Summer jam.


REVIEW | Gugudan’s Sejeong, Mina, and Nayoung are sassy divas in “SEMINA” by SLY

The debut of Gugudan's first sub-unit, SEMINA, is with a sassy Summer bop!


REVIEW | ‘Let’ Golden Child join your summer escapade in first single album “Goldenness” by SLY

SLY reviews Golden Child's first single album, "Goldenness"!


REVIEW | Hyolyn Proves She Can Still Save Summer as a Solo with “See Sea” by Wasta

Hyolyn provides a well-crafted track to add to your Summer playlist.


REVIEW | Watch the “Sunrise” with Super Junior D&E by lipslocked

Read lipslocked's opinion on D&E's latest Japanese release!


REVIEW | Red Velvet chooses to ‘Power Up’ and get their ‘Summer Magic’ on by Sansa

Red Velvet has the best summer bops and it was no different with Power Up, check out Sansa's review.


REVIEW | (G)I-DLE Is Ready to Be Alone in Their Latest Single ‘HANN’ by Sakura Harano

Monster rookies (G)I-DLE is back with their first comeback "HANN," check out Sakura's review.


REVIEW | Laboum Change More Than Just Their Lineup with Latest Comeback “Between Us” by Wasta

Laboum comes back with a whole new concept? Check this out to learn more about their latest comeback!


The SLY Choice | Favorite K-Pop Releases from the 1st Half of 2018 by SLY

Want some recommendations for the best tracks of the first half of 2018? Give this article a look.


REVIEW | EXO Says “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo?” We’re Happy to Comply by Mogwai 

Don't Mess Up EXO's Tempo, Mogwai reviews EXO's first comeback of 2018. Give it a read!


MV REVIEW | EXO Is Grooving To The Beat At Their Own “Tempo” by thesteelheart

Since Tempo is that bop, another full review for it is needed! Check it out!


REVIEW | EXID Return as Five for “I Love You” Comeback by Wasta

Another EXID song to put on your playlist with the first 5-members comeback in 2 years!


REVIEW – ‘RBB (Really Bad Boy)’ is Red Velvet’s Most Vocally Ambitious Venture For Better or Worse by Sansa  

After Bad Boy became a hit, would Really Bad Boy become a really big hit? Check this review and see!


The SLY Choice | All-time Favorite Anime Opening Themes by SLY

SLY gives a rundown of her favorite anime opening themes.




OH! Chart 180626 Results – Wanna One Grabs Their 2nd Consecutive Win! by Leicester

OH! Chart 180703 Results – BLACKPINK Hits The Chart With That “DDU-DU DDU-DU” by Leicester

OH! Chart 180710 Results – BLACKPINK Rules Over The Chart For Another Week! by Leicester

OH! Chart Results 180717 – BLACKPINK Earns Themselves A Triple Crown! by Leicester

OH! Chart 180724 | The Ladies of TWICE “Dance The Night Away” On The Charts by Mogwai

OH! Chart Results 180731 – TWICE Continues Their Victories On The OH! Chart by Leicester

OH! Chart Results 180807 – A Triple Crown for TWICE! by Leicester

OH! Chart 180814 | A Pair of Popular Soloists Take The Prize! by Leicester

OH! Chart 180821 | Red Velvet “Power Up” The OH! Chart by Leicester

OH! Chart 180828 | Red Velvet Conquers Their Second Crown On The OH! Chart by black_miri

OH! Chart 180904 | BTS Sweep The Chart With ‘IDOL’ by Leicester 

OH! Chart 180911 – IDOL Claims Another Win For BTS! by Leicester 

OH! Chart 180918 – ‘SIREN’ Sends Sunmi To The Top! by Leicester

OH! Chart 180925 | Sunmi Continues To Conquer by Leicester

OH! Chart 181002 | GOT7 Sings A Sweet “Lullaby” On This Week’s OH! Chart by Leicester

OH! Chart 181009 | Sunmi Blares Her “Siren” On The OH! Chart by J.ANA 

OH! Chart 181016 | ‘Goodbye Road’ Continues iKON’s Reign of Success! by Leicester

OH! Chart 181023 | IU’s BBIBBI effortlessly dominates this week by Leicester

OH! Chart 181030 | NCT 127 Climbs To The Top With ‘Regular’ by Leicester

 OH! Chart 181106 | Digital Monster IU Triumphs for a Second Week with BBIBBI! By Mogwai


OH! Chart consistently keeps up with your biases' sales and your voting results. Make sure to keep up with

the results and support your favorite releases in the weekly polls.




Recap & First Impressions | Explore the Sakura Cosmos with Shiki in Fairy Tail’s successor, “Edens Zero” By SLY

Don't miss out Fairy Tail's mangaka latest work, Edens Zero!


REVIEW | Touhou Brings on a New Version of Genso Wanderer in Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded By Sakura Harano

Sakura's review on Touhou's latest gaming release, Genso Wanderer Reloaded! Give it a look.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Free! Dives to The Mostly Unchanged Future By Mogwai

Free! is back with a third season and Mogwai gives her first impressions!


Food Wars: Meeting the new Elite 10 Council of Totsuki Teahouse Culinary Academy! By SLY

If you like food, which at this point you've probably already watched Food Wars, then you should check this article out! 


INTERVIEW | Embark on a Summer Trip with FlowBack by Sakura Harano
FlowBack is back with a music project for their 5th year anniversary and an exclusive interview for OneHallyu. 


Sakura’s Picks | Fall 2018 Anime Simulcast Watchlist by Sakura Harano
Sakura's watchlist for the latest Anime simulcast season, check it out!


The Royal Tutor – Lessons Fit For a Prince by HikazePrincess
Hikaze gives all the detail for the characters of The Royal Tutor, a comedic historical fiction anime series.


Tokyo Game Show Interview | Chosuido and Ghostpia by Sakura Harano
An exclusive Tokyo Game Show Interview with visual novel studio Chosuido about their latest work, Ghostpia!


REVIEW | Mourning in Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly by Rinni
Rinni is back with her visual novel reviews, this time for Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly!


Mystery Otome Visual Novel 7’scarlet Coming to Steam in 2019 by Rinni
Promotional article with all the details for 7'scarlet's release on Steam.


Magic-kyun! Renaissance – Coming Together Through Art by HikazePrincess
An anime adaptation of the otome game, Hikaze gives her review of the series centered around the arts!


REVIEW | Code: Realize Fans Catch a Bouquet of Rainbows by Rinni
Another great visual novel, this time it's an otome piece. Give the review a read!



GENERATIONS is back with a new single, SHONEN, as well as an exclusive interview with OneHallyu!


Light Novel Translations


Classroom of the Elite Volume 3 – Chapter 5: Part 8 (Ibuki) By /Masayume/

Classroom of the Elite Volume 3 – Chapter 5: Part 9 By Black_miri

Classroom of the Elite Volume 3 – Epilogue I by Tokpopandbyond




FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Meteor Garden (2018) by Briantrnn
Our only Chinese entertainment related article from the second half of 2018, Briantrnn gives a review on romantic comedy series Meteor Garden! Give it a read.



OH! Press is now scanlating manga! Have fun reading through all of our releases. We have manga from a vast collection of genres, including shoujo, slice of life, action, and romance, among others! Special thanks to our GFX team, our translators and our proofreaders for making this possible.


Fate/Stay Night – Heaven’s Feel Volume 04 Chapter 20: Day 4 

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Volume 01 Chapter 04

Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi Volume 02 Chapter 06 

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Volume 04 Room 16

Urasekai Picnic (Vol. 01) | Ch. 01 – Wiggle-Wiggle Hunting I

Urasekai Picnic (Vol. 01) | Ch. 02 – Wiggle-Wiggle Hunting II

Urasekai Picnic (Vol. 01) | Ch. 03 – Hasshaku-sama Survival





Those are all the updates we've got for now! Look forward to more content from OH! Press in the future!


If you want to contact us for any reason (feedback, comments, questions, requests, etc.), you can find us in the Ask The OH!Pressors thread. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm (unless you're in the southern hemisphere) 



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