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cohllection Welcome to cOH!llection

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A celebration of OH!







It is a section that includes new threads made to enrich the OH! experience

The threads focus on social aspects and they also serve as a space to remember OH! history and build a stronger and closer community

Without further ado i introduce the new threads:





A book made to remember the biggest occasions of OH, the users of OH, the staff OH and everything related to OH

Inside the yearbook every post will be a page, and pages will become a new prize that will be obtained through events, raffles, buying and more

The pages as already stated will not only be about any big events that happened in OH but also about its users. If a user wins or buys a page they can make it about themselves, their favorite group/artist or anything they wish as long as is within OH rules

I made this thread with the thought of creating a new kind of prize that wasn't necessarily an item and also to offer a way for the history of OH to be shared and remembered.




A display of the champions of OH!

A thread made with the purpose to showcase the champions of OH history. Additionally, this thread also debuts a new kind of prize or better said a reworked prize a Trophy

Just like with the yearbook i wanted to create a different kind of prizes that wasn't necessarily a marketplace item. So with that in mind trophies were reworked for this purpose. Trophies in this section will be about any big event winners but also can be bought, if bought a user may put a self-title on them or an idol/group for everyone to see for the years to come.







A new kind of raffle makes its debut in order to excite and compromise



We heard your feedback and realized one of the wants for most users was to have Unique Awards back. However, having them back in its true state just wasn't possible because it would recreate the problems it had in the past


With that in mind, i thought about a way to solve this issue, my solution was to create Temporary Unique Awards to give users the chance to experience them. Since they are temporary and get passed down to another user after every month a saturation problem will never arise and instead it will give many users the opportunity to have them.

I decided to not stop there and build a raffle with that mindset of passing items down in order to try and give more people the experience and that is how this monthly item raffle was born.


Side note after an item is passed down the new owner can change the image. Meaning winner A won in February a unique award he chose to make the award an image of Ong but then in march winner B got it and he now made it of Sunny.


The raffle only contains items/prizes and the prizes are all temporary and will only last the month in which they are won after the month is up they get re-raffled and a new user gets the chance of having it


There will be one exception to this and that will be that the raffle will contain a Yearbook page as a prize and this item is not temporary.

Also, do not worry items which are not temporary will still exist but those are the ones that you will either win in events or buy with plats.






A book open its pages to give users a shot at winning the raffle

I created this thread in order to give users an easy way to enter the raffle. My mindset with creating was also to cater to the users that dont necessarily play in games and for them to have a chance as well

Every month a new guest book pops up if you make a post you earn a ticket for the guest book of that month

For our users that do play our events/games do not worry playing in our events and games will also give you tickets this is just another way to obtain one ticket per month. The more tickets you have the higher your chances of winning





A place to chat & enjoy


The purpose of this thread is to serve as a chat for the events/gaming community of OH. Also to serve as an easier way for those that want to get started to hopefully make friends


Not only that but we will also use this thread to announce when new trophies or pages are posted into the other threads. Also every month the monthly item raffle will be held live here in the oh cafe


Our hopes with this thread is to create a gaming community chat, in the past there used to be lively chats where those that enjoyed playing would chat but over the past years they died. However, over this last years a lot of new users have joined the community and some even have gathered a lot of friends from playing so we hope this will serve as a way for you all to chat and have fun.




Lastly, today is not only the launch day of cOH!llection but also the

B-day of the Events Team

If you have it in you to wish the team a Happy Bday then do drop by. As i am sure myself and all team members will appreciate it



I decided to launch this section along with our bday so it served as a new beginning. Last year was a successful one for the team and we hope that this new one will be even better and it starts with the release cOH!llection


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there was never a saturation of unique awards tho yall just wanted to feel special as staff and exclude others

plus a majority of unique holders barely even use the site anymore omegalul

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Trophy Room

Monthly Item Raffle





OH Cafe




Wow I'm loving all these new additions already! ♥

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there was never a saturation of unique awards tho yall just wanted to feel special as staff and exclude others

plus a majority of unique holders barely even use the site anymore omegalul

there actually was during the locket and unlocked token era that is why they got reverted to the old way of only on special occasions. It was not to make us feel special as most staff teams do not have access to unique awards, the only teams that have them available are teams such as awards team but in their case they are non-unique since they only have access to them while they are staff, if they are no longer staff they no longer have them i believe while teams like events,press,graphics, etc we do not have access to unique awards


In order to not create the problems of locked and unlocked era we decide to come with a solution to give users more of a chance to experience them by having them be temporary so more people can have them


Hope this answered your question

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