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Do you know of anyone who is affected by US government shutdown?


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I have several questions.

Are employees of all levels affected?

What happens if they are unable to pay the installments for the loans they have taken?

Do they still go to work, since they are no longer paid?

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Yes, my dad works for a government hospital and my mom's best friend works for Social Security.

Not all employees are affected-some jobs are still payed (I think the postal workers are-I think it depends on how vital the job is judged to be and Congress is still getting paid-this is in the Constitution). Some people have to work without pay (my dad and my mom's friend). Some people just aren't working (like National Park workers).

My dad is still going to work, but he's worked for the government since 1983 (first in the military, now at the VA) and so is my mom's friend. Once the shutdown is over they get backpay. 

As far as the loan thing goes, the federal credit union has zero interest loans that federal employees can take out during the shutdown (I'm not sure about the payment schedule on these loans or if payments begin during the shutdown or after it ends).  

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