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The Rant Thread

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#13661 yujuwon


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Posted Yesterday, 05:07 PM

i'm pretty sure i'm gonna fail a subject for the first time in my life

i did so so badly in 2/3 of the tests and i know i deserve to fail but i'm just so freaking angry at myself for allowing this to happen

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#13662 Brittany


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Posted Yesterday, 05:07 PM (Edited by Brittany, Yesterday, 05:16 PM.)

I find it funny how fragile masculinity is an accepted term around here (I'm not going to take anybody who uses it seriously as though it's academic jargon when it's not), but people fail to notice that femininity is just as "fragile" when girls get triggered whenever somebody makes a simple comment about their weight, (sometimes they don't even reveal it) or that they don't like it when they go out without makeup cause they don't feel very pretty, spend lots of money on products they don't even need to enhance their femininity. All of these some girls do cause they feel insecure about their femininity. IT'S THE SAME THING PEOPLE. But ofc the very people who make these terms up feel as though you should feel sorry for them if it happens to them pfft.

Oh well. Average girls aren't like this. Majority of kpop fans are tho since most kpop fans live on the internet and feel very insecure about their looks since, well, they aren't usually very attractive themselves.
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#13663 yeoleeda


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Posted Yesterday, 06:27 PM

This Hari raya i feel unmood idk why maybe bcs i dont have many friends,i feel sad and stranger to my relative family and thanks to my phone sure likely i dont want to be a wallflower
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#13664 ACER


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Posted Yesterday, 07:28 PM

how did i become so evil here..i started as a good user and time goes by i become a troll rlytearpls.png warstarplz.png ohmahgosh my rep is ruined..

but im still the best tho ahmagahplz.png tsk tsk OH is evil imstupid.png Ekk..

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#13665 봄날



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Posted Yesterday, 07:49 PM

i've been too preoccupied to be here lately and wow...that's just made me realise how stress free life without kpop is. unbelievable how people make a mess of the smallest thing here. 

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#13666 Green Willow

Green Willow


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Posted Yesterday, 07:56 PM (Edited by Green Willow, Yesterday, 07:56 PM.)

to the gay threads: if sexual preference isn't a big deal then why do you guys crowd over there to fetish over your 99.9% (if not 100%) fake couples? 


next thing that'll happen is "What idols do you think are mixed? Not that race matters tho"

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#13667 vintagecookie



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Posted Today, 01:22 AM

I'm so disgusted by how some "fans" behave. 

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#13668 qwerty_lee


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Posted Today, 01:46 AM

Why do people only choose to focus on the negatives? There's so much love and support, people care and wanna, but the negatives are the only thing that are seen. :unsure:
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#13669 ImAmazing



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Posted Today, 02:03 AM

This is going to sound awful, but fuck it. Sometimes I wish I could just ram motherfuckers that don't turn on their signals when they want to change lanes or turn, I wish that shit was legal sometimes and then they have to pay for the damages my car received because I didn't know they wanted to change lanes or whatever. It's not that fucking hard to turn it on for 5 seconds to let someone know you want to change lanes. It's so bad, I've gotten to the point to know who's not going to turn on the signal and I anticipate them changing lanes. Did anyone here not learn how to use a signal?? It terrifies me that there are people who had their license for years and are worse them me when it comes to driving. That's one of the reasons I don't like driving, I don't know why people like it so much tbh. 

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#13670 Stepkdramafan226


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Posted Today, 03:36 AM (Edited by Stepkdramafan226, Today, 03:39 AM.)

Sigh! I just wanted to watch a nice LP for the game before bed and not have someone yell out every comment on it. Why can't some gaming youtubers talk like normal people and I am also using earphones too...




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#13671 crazy_diamond



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Posted Today, 04:16 AM


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#13672 DOOLY


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Posted Today, 04:35 AM

I log in on this site after two days and this is what i get welcomed with? Keep it. I'n going back to twitter. At least there i have an actual way to block people and hide the stuff i don't want to see.
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#13673 pooh_bear



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Posted Today, 07:30 AM

Rant 1: Ok so everytime a thread about butts is made I roll my eyes so fucking hard cuz there is never any asses worth looking at. I'm just like y'all know if u bend a pole it will look like there is a bump in the back: on top of that most if not all girls know about that little back arch which fools the eyes.

Rant 2: I hate it so much when people tell others they should adopt instead of surrogacy. Not everyone wants a child that's not theirs, yes it sounds cruel but its true.
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#13674 MonaLLLama


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Posted Today, 09:19 AM

2 people i dont like just joined my group of friends and they are legit ruining everything.


they are changing everything to how they want and its much more different than what it used to be.


before they joined i felt a connection and i felt something i have in common with my friends but now thats all gone. 

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#13675 lemonhope


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Posted Today, 10:24 AM

My shoulder blade hurts warstarplz.png

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#13676 black_miri


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Posted Today, 03:45 PM (Edited by black_miri, Today, 03:47 PM.)

No fandom is calm, quiet, angel-like. The ones that pretends to be, are actually the ones who are the most rotten inside..

they discriminate members saying they're all members-stans while actually they're akgae cursing the member who gets more opportunities instead of their bias.

They pretend to be what they're not and they end up being the most delusional and fake, while keeping a facade outside for other fandoms to see. They don't want to recognize the effort of a member working hard for the group to the point that he gets hurt, but just try to invent flaws while praising their bias as a better member. They specifically refuses to address some serious issues about the fandom, calling everyone who tries to do it "hater" or "attention seeker". They refuse to see how their problematic ass make people uncomfortable to the point that, even after years of stanning, other people want to leave the fandom. I'm so mad that i belong to one of them ughhh

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