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[Tencent] Produce Camp 2019 (P101 S2) Thread

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I started wstching Produce Camp today and Liu Ye has been catching my attention a lot in these 2 episodes. I liked his battle dance and how he totally went for it, it contradicts so much to how he seems off stage. Like how he speaks and idk moves and all is really elegant and gentle if I see how he talks to his members in those short scenes. It also surprised me that he was in the same group as Xukun. I remembered searching SWIN up and reading their profiles, there was one guy who shared the same birthday as me and lol it turned out to be Liu Ye. So Im totally totally rooting for Liu Ye!^^


Tbh I didnt expect that much of Produce Camp after QCYN turned out to be quite lacklustre for me, but Im really enjoying it a lot. I really love all those vocals, it seems that I will have a lot of voice crushes these upcoming weeks. Im having high hopes for the rest of the season.


And psst that Ren Hao guy is really really eyecandy, I totally get why they say he looks like Yangyang ohmy. And when one of those guys mentioned that there was a member of Baby performance who looked like Zhang Han when he smiles, I could not unsee it anymore.


Btw does anyone know if Zhou Zhennan and Zhou Yanchen are related? I cant stop thinking that they look really similar and the surnames match...

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