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(PJ) NGT48 Maho Yamaguchi's Assaulters Allegedly Set Up By Fellow Members

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#1 DocumentaLy


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Posted 10 January 2019 - 03:37 AM

NGT48 Maho Yamaguchi's Assaulters Allegedly Set Up By Fellow Members
“I didn’t want to have to say these things. I didn’t want trouble the people who care for me. I don't want everyone to start to hate ngt, so I’ve painfully kept quiet about this for a month. I pleaded that the news don’t even bring up ngt. All that because I cherish my group so much. And I believed everything would be dealt with.” “Last month, I was assaulted by two men while returning back home after I was finished with a show. A member told them when I'd be home after the show, a member revealed where I lived and where my room was and had them come to my house. [T/N: I didn’t understand this last part]” “I don’t want you guys to hate ngt. [NGT] has many kids who sincerely work hard. But, I cannot bear for those girls to go through the same things I have. Because I’m in such pain, I don’t want those precious girls to have the same experience I did. It’s fine if I’m the only one crying, but when I see everyone feeling uneasy, frustrated and in tears, I want to do something about it. So I’ll tell the truth” “But, after protecting and believing the group for a month. In the end, they decided to not help me at all. Even though Imamura heard everything that happened from the police about the members, he told me he’d take care of it for me and yet now after what happened I’m being seen as delusional so I’ll clear it up. I went through this and still, I stayed silent for the group. I was betrayed” “Was it wrong of me to sincerely work as an idol while not being in a relationship? Was is it wrong of me to not get involved with fans. Why do the girls who follow the rules have to be the ones to face these scary things, the girls who sincerely do their job don’t get protected in the group, are the girls who betray and be with fans in the right? I don’t understand why those things get excused” “I didn’t take days off from handshake events or performances, even if my health was bad. Because there were fans who were looking forward to seeing me. There are people who won’t get to see me next time. Because it’s not every day they can get to come and see me. That was my policy and I always stood by it. Why did I have to break that as well... I’m afraid that the bonds I had with everyone up till this point will be lost now”
[TW: assault] “I usually feel nervous when I’m coming back home and even while entering my apartment I act in a very cautious manner. That day I also made sure there was nobody in the hallway to my house, as soon as I went to shut my apartment door a hand reached out and pried it back open. My face was then grabbed and he went to push me down. I desperately tried to throw him out. I felt like if I gave up then I’d get myself killed so I knew I couldn’t lose to him. Then, another man came out from a separate apartment. It was an apartment that another member lived in. This man replaced the first man and grabbed my face, and began to push me down in the same way. I was gonna cry for help but I was so scared my voice wouldn’t come out. After about a minute of trying to scream, my voice finally came out. I yelled, “Help me, help me, help me!”. Then the man covered my mouth. I thought I’d get killed if I were to be locked in my apartment like this. In the middle of all this, a sound came from the elevator and distracted them, 'I don’t know what would happen to me if I were pushed into my apartment like this' I thought so at that moment I pushed for the hallway. But I was so scared my legs froze and I wasn’t able to escape. When I tried to report it to the police, they took my phone away."

(Source: Girls Channel)

1. [+4,747, -7] What… This is too scary...

2. [+4,647, -3] Scary

3. [+4,679, -15] What? The men were set up to attack her by other members…?

4. [+4,659, -90] She’s a pretty girl isn’t she


5. [+4,264, -7] If this is true, that’s so vicious

6. [+3,956, -15] This is very serious if it’s true. Report them to the police right away.

7. [+3,794, -5] The crime was encouraged by another member? Scary

8. [+3,439, -7] Write that member’s name.

9. [+3,189, -47] If this is true, this is a matter for the police. It’s not a case to post about on Twitter right, go report it quickly

10. [+2,848, -16] I wonder if they got jealous because of how pretty she is. A jealous person will go really crazy.

11. [+2,322, -11] This is a big problem. NGT is done for

12. [+2,301, -24] Idol otakus seem truly disturbing huh. So scary

13. [+1,784, -7] How scary but what happened after this to her?

14. [+1,215, -18] What are the police doing about this?

15. [+643, -4] Poor thing. Find the criminals.

16. [+86, -354] I thought she was Maiyan






#2 BIade


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Posted 10 January 2019 - 03:52 AM

Is there any follow up to this? Like who those members who allegedly hired goons to assault her? 


This would traumatize anyone. She should just leave the group if her life is in danger

#3 Free Sungmin

Free Sungmin


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Posted 10 January 2019 - 03:52 AM

Oh my God.... poor girl

#4 ღMamichan♡



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Posted 10 January 2019 - 06:26 AM (Edited by ღMamichan♡, 10 January 2019 - 06:27 AM.)

Is there any follow up to this? Like who those members who allegedly hired goons to assault her? 


This would traumatize anyone. She should just leave the group if her life is in danger


the management is staying silent about it, also the criminals got away with it so they are still out there,...

#5 Hunny Funny Bunny

Hunny Funny Bunny

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Posted 10 January 2019 - 06:35 AM

Poor girl. This is truly scary and traumatizing.

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