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I'm a Non-Muslim and I Wear Hijab

venus in converse ~

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Isn't it only a 'hijab' if you're actually muslim? so she's basically just wearing a scarf


(i didn't actually watch the video)

I think it depends,

Hijab is the Arabic term for "cover" (noun), based on the root ¨ meaning "to veil, to cover (verb), to screen, to shelter".

But as you know nowadays the word hijab mostly only used by Muslim (as far as people concern) even if they're not Arabic speaker. Unlike Bible that translated to many language, Quran should be presented in Arabic, and Muslim always retain the Arabic term.

But I agree that they don't wear Hijab in the same sense as Muslim because Muslim wear Hijab to cover their awrah.

This reminds me of Malaysia government who ban non Muslim to use the word Allah, when it's the word for God in Arabic

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Even without abrahamic religion, women were forced to cover their heads before, to show that they were "worthy" to be "respected" by men (i.e that they were a "property" of another man, her father and clan or her husband, and that's why she must hide herself), at least in Mesopotamia and Europe. Thankfully, it slowly disappeared in Europe, apart maybe muslim places like Chechnya and Dagestan when there's still a lot of cultural pressure for that. Not really different from the reason in religion. So that's not surprising that a hardcore christian decided to wear a headscarf, nuns still do the same

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