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The Translations Team and OH! Press are jointly hiring translators

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The Translations Team and OH! Press are jointly recruiting translators: Chinese, Japanese and Korean, especially this last category! Both @Rinne and I are in need of more minions team members. (Yes, even Press, as big as the team is.) If you think you fit the bill, have some free time on your hands, and would like to have a crack at translating, please read on~


Introduction to what we do
Translations Team projects

  • Lyrics translation: This has been the core project of our team. Feel free to check out the respective subsections of OneHallyu Lyrics to get a sense of what we do (and why we need Korean speakers).
  • General translation: This is a project that we're hoping to relaunch with more staff on hand. From articles to netizen reactions, have a look at our past work.

OH! Press projects

  • Scanlation: That's right, OH! Press scanlates manga! (Chinese and Korean speakers can also help out with this.)
  • Light novel translation: OH! Press translators have translated volume 3 of the ever popular Classroom of the Elite. We're looking to continue this endeavour.
  • Exclusive interviews: OH! Press has interviewed a variety of Korean and Japanese artists and studios. We need translators, especially Korean translators, to assist us.

Do any of the projects pique your interest? If so, please get in touch! Note: Lest we scare you off, should your application be successful, you will not be expected to fulfill translation duties for every single project we have.

  • Proficiency in English as well as at least one of the following languages: Mandarin/Cantonese, Japanese, Korean
    • Not sure if your command of the language(s) meets our needs? Unless you're at the level of Google translate, apply anyway. There will be steps to gauge your level of mastery.
  • Solid sense of responsibility and the ability to meet deadlines
  • Good communications skills
  • Adherence to forum rules


  • This is an open recruitment so there are no fixed deadlines!
  • PM @tokpopandbeyond with your application using the title "TT/Press Application - Translator"
  • Include:
    • A self-introduction written in the language (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) you're applying for.
    • A sample English translation, with the original text included. It can be a song or a news article that we have not translated before.




Questions? You may ask below.

Good luck to all applicants! And if you know someone who fits the bill and would be interested, please spread the word.


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