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[iQIYI] Qing Chun You Ni (Idol Producer S2) Thread **EP 4 SUBBED OUT!**


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  1. 1. What was your favorite group performance?

    • Fire Team A
    • Fire Team B
    • Fight Team A
    • Fight Team B
    • Namanana Team A
    • Namanana Team B
    • Red Rose, White Rose Team A
    • Red Rose, White Rose Team B
    • A Smile is Beautiful Team A
    • A Smile is Beautiful Team B
    • Neighboring Tarzan Team A
    • Neighboring Tarzan Team B
    • Reverse Team A
    • Reverse Team B
    • Dream Team A
    • Dream Team B

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Does somebody knows something about After Journey? How is he?

He's one of the MCs for Idol Hits from ep 2 (or 3) onward. His performance was on ep 1 if you want to check it out. 

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Another preview, entrance and intros, and it's not Mr. Tiger, it's Mr. Tyger. Also kinda funny how Yuehua and Banana only sent 3 this time around.


Not sure about Banana but Yuehua sent another three (including another Uniq member I think) to All for One. I'm guessing they are going for a divide and conquer strategy.  

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So for the position evaluation there are 5 vocal groups, 3 dance groups and 4 rap groups. Do anybody know Chinese and let me know what are the songs for position evaluation?

Not sure if people on twitter have listed it yet. theirs is probably more accurate

they listed the original artists of the songs this time but it's hella tiny.


vocal (incomplete the white on yellow is hard to see)

耳朵/ ear - Li Ronghao

怎麼了/What's wrong- Eric Chou or Jay Chou, not sure which one is it.

失è½æ²™æ´²-Lala Hsu



-turn up

-一筆江湖- Willian Chan

-é¨ŽåœŸç²¾å¤ / something knight-Jolin Tsai [i think the boys on All For One did this as one of their songs]


rap (also incomplete can't see the last one with the really long name)

-coming home

-大人物- could be this one. it's rap [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVsHFDoWZA0]

-勇敢/Braveness-Mayday  (i may have read it wrong. it doesn't seem like a rap song)


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