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Vlive Channel     https://channels.vlive.tv/BEC80D/home  

YG is a bitch with him. He is the future rapper king. Cool fashionista, swaggy rapper with a little bit of cuteness.   ChoiBoi in dance academy   http://youtu.be/NKb4OSBPbg4   More YGTB vide

Happy birthday Hyunsukkie    

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Oh wow this is a short thread - yg's promoters need to do their job the show doesn't have a wikipedia page still ah well Hyunsuk better debut, this boy is a whole stan package


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Yeah lol TT


And I was surprised when I found out no one made his thread during Mixnine. Also I apologize for the lack of updates But I'm sure he will debut, YG would be so dumb not to. Hyunsuk such a stan-attractor and has a lot of hype. 

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thought I should pop out and say congratss hyunsuk!!

I started rooting for him mid way in the show, I just fell for his mannerisms on stage and his personality is just- bless him

my favorite stage of his is Boomerang, and to think he managed to lead the group ahh he's done so well

again congratulations for debuting, he deserves it soo much and I have faith he'll lead the boys well



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Oh good, there's a thread for my new fave! I remember being a little suspicious of his flashy personality when I started watching YGTB, but quickly came to realise what a sweetheart he is. I was so impressed with his positive attitude in that first rap battle with Junhyuk and my impressions only got better from there. I have zero faith in YG managing the new group and I expect a rocky road stanning Hyunsuk, especially if it's true that YG had to be coerced into including him, but what can you do.

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