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im not str8 

Dear crush guy in my class, I'm the one who slipped that pencil in your backpack. No one dropped it in by mistake. You weren't exactly being very quiet when you were moaning about how you'd lost all

God...I know that you won't judge me based on my sexuality. I love and respect you with all my heart.    Mom, Dad...thank you for accepting who I really am. Thank you for accepting me and my gf. Tha

Dear someone, 

Stop being so fucking hypocritical about things. You can't just do something on purpose to hurt someone more, all because you're annoyed for no valid reason. 


  - Jack 

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2# Its ok ,I know you dumped your gf cause of me.I wish you would be more honest.


3# Stop  pretending your confession was a joke, I know I was a douche talking about my crush

in front of you..........right after .......um sorry. Ok this is kinda my fault.lol

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What have I done to deserve this? I never talked bad back in class and I always take have good grades in your class.

Why are you so fixed on making my life a hell? If you expect me to go and take private classes with you and pay your then you're crazy. Honestly I think you're just pissed off that the kids you prepare took worse grades than me in those exams.



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If there was a way I could send you to rehab against your own will, I really would. You probably hate me for what has been happening lately, but you have been the one pushing everyone and everything to this point. I'm sorry to hurt you, but I do it because I care. I'm not proud of what I do. I feel the guilt of working things against you but a wrong is a wrong. I can't keep covering up for you any longer. I can't keep making excuses because you seem to be getting worse, instead of better. I'm sorry. I love you.

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I've promised that I would wait for you, that I'd stay single for you it's been a whole year already and I'm still waiting patiently.


When will you be back? When will I ever see you again? 

I can't take this anymore, I've been feeling so depressed and lonely lately. I really need you, please be back soon.


love Ronald.

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