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The Translations Team first began to take shape on October 15th, 2013 when @shaysonic and @MomoMoon115 asked around for Chinese speakers. (Fossil #1 recalls being recruited in the Chinese Fanturd thread while Fossil #2 responded to Shay on Twitter thinking she needed a bit of personal help.) It turned out that there was a specific goal: to generate more interest and activity in the Chinese Entertainment subforum by providing translation services! The four who responded to the call were: @King of Spades, @renn, @gackyuful, and @mirrorpurple ã‹ãŒã¿ãƒ ãƒ©ã‚µã‚­.


After a few days of discussion, the C-team was officially born on October 21st, 2013 with the posting of the Chinese Lyrics Translations Request Thread. The poor souls translators did not know that this would eventually turn out to be a long-term commitment, but when more members later joined the group, the C-team flourished. With this momentum, six months later, the J-team was launched on March 21st, 2014. (Fossil #3 is still hard at work to this day!) Two weeks after that, on April 5th, the K-team came into existence.


This year, we celebrate the Translations Team's fifth birthday, with gratefulness towards over 100 past and current translators as well as pride for having accomplished the translation of over 1800 songs.






@King of Spades

First Team Coordinator (till Nov 16, 2018), current Team Ghost


The Dark Overlord of the Translations team. West Coast. Fluent in Chinglish, less fluent in English. Somewhat fluent in Mandarin. Very fluent in Taiwanese (har). Binging dramas and napping are her expertise. LOVES Nine Percent's Chen Linong and Lin Yanjun (CHAOJIZHIBA FTW). Extra-hot breve flat white is her go-to drink at Starbucks! Is currently obsessed with Dragalia Lost.



Present Team Coordinator, C-Translator (since Oct 21, 2013)


A lazy potato from the Great White North. Fluent in English and Mandarin, with an interest in history and classical poetry that has been great for period drama OST translation requests. Will translate Japanese when bribed and can manage French when desperate. Knows some Korean by osmosis. Hibernates (or at least would like to) for half of each year. A tea person. Easily lured by food. Likes to offer trivia to people who haven't asked.



J-Translator (since Mar 21, 2014)


Your J-Lyrics flop translator. Lives in the Mediterranean in winter, dwells in the northern parts of Europe in the summer Can't stand the heat. Studied Japanese for the sake of reading manga (Damn you One Piece!!). Came to Kpop fandom for EXO stayed for BTS. Loves anything chocolate, ice cream, tea and a well made hot ramen soup. Trying to study Mandarin Chinese and Korean (with great failure so far).



K-Translator (since May 19, 2014)


Been on the Translations Team as a Korean translator since 2014, Japanese translator since 2017. Trans Team has always been an important part of my life. In love with D.O, J-Hope, Lee Jehoon... and many others ⤠Am currently learning 12 languages (emphasis on currently because I have a serious obsession). Love all languages, cultures, and feel the world can be united by music. What I feel D.O is constantly thinking: I know what I need to know.


@Barack Oppama

C-Translator (since Oct 5, 2015)



Vanilla Cupcake â¤

C-Translator (since Apr 16, 2016)


Joined the Translation team in Spring 2016. Born in Hong Kong, raised in California (excuse her valley girl accent), and now living in Vancouver. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Now learning French and Japanese. IN LOVE with Baekho, and she is a firm believer that one day, Baekho will go on 90 Days Fiance with her. Then they will get married and Baekho can sing her to sleep every night. Stans NU'EST, CLC, and LOONA. Also enjoys black coffee, world traveling (her passport is literally falling apart), MMA, and Microsoft Excel.



K-Translator (since Dec 13, 2018)


From Northern Europe. Speaks a lot of languages, including English, Korean and various European languages, with varying levels of fluency. Understands but doesn't speak or write Japanese. Former idol fan of almost a decade, current variety show enthusiast. Interested in linguistics, books and winter sports. Likes sleeping. Stereotypical cat mom.



C-Translator (since Dec 19, 2018)


Currently lives in Victoria, Australia. Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, can understand Cantonese to some degree and is now studying French. Strengths include eating (could probably start a mukbang channel) and binge-watching dramas. Weaknesses include pollen and heat (Melbourne's spring and summer seasons summed up in two words!). Enjoys baking, travelling, drawing and reading.



K-Translator (since Dec 23, 2018)


Born in Romania but living in London for the past decade. Aspirant writer and translator, can speak Korean and maybe loves Korea a bit too much. Languages and literature fan. Also really likes cute cafes and taking photos of everything and sunsets on the beach. Not very into Korean TV but weirdly obsessed with all Produce seasons. Can spiritually identify with like all Heize songs.



K-Trainee Translator (since Feb 26, 2019)







C-Lyrics Translation Request Thread

C-Translations Index


J-Lyrics Translation Request Thread

J-Translations Index


K-Lyrics Translation Request Thread

K-Translations Index

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