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Dramas or Movies for foodie!


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If you’re a human being who delights in food, whether its preparing it, cooking it or eating it, here are some of my suggestion: 


Little Forest Summer&Autumn/Winter&Spring

I love this film. It has calming effect on me and a beautiful, great cinematography. Suitable for those who want a relaxing and cooking movie. Nothing too much about the plot just a girl narrates a bit of her story alongside on how she would prepare each dish. This story is 4 parts(4 seasons) and 2 movies worth but we might need to see 2 movies to get their conflict resolved. 


This also has a Korean version feature Kim Tae Ri so you might want to give it a try.



Another simple Japanese drama, it's a light-hearted one if you want to take a break from serious drama and if you want to feel closer to Japanese food culture and Japanese culture in general and for a funny entertainment treat. The female lead is great.


Baker King, Kim Tak Goo 

 There is so much more than Baking to this drama. If you are in the mood of watching a drama that will make you cry, smile, laugh, then I recommend you to watch this one. A great one.



This is a great drama, the characters are great and I loved that it actually did have a lot about food but like the first one the plot was lacking.


Feel free to share your food/cooking dramas and movies



If you are a foodie, join our a club mOHsterchef. You will have a chance to win won from a 11M prize pot in trick or treatin' game. You can fill in the short form here to sign up.



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