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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

I really appreciate that idols look their ages. I was never a fan of facial hair and it's a trend for men to have in America. I love watching old videos of my faves and they don't look very different from past to present. While in America, it's normal for celebrities to look like they aged like 10 years in 2 years. 

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"Inspirits" are never going to happy unless Sunggyu is removed from the group. That's the source of all the problems along with Woollim.

And what exactly got you to this conclusion? The fact that someone said he gets to sing 50% of their songs when it's the truth? 

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i hope, whatever it is, it's not too bad.


last time i was just laughing tbh it was only antis who 'cared'


this time? i'm worried. what if i find it upsetting and shocking myself? what am i gonna do? i'm no delulu, if my faves fuck up i feel genuinely sick, upset and disappointed and can't defend them. i'm not ready for the emotional stress if... if that's true


or it might be the Other thing which won't matter at all to me, but to a sadly large amount of others.... it would....


i have shit to do. this is probably one of the busiest and most stressful weeks of my personal life. i think maybe i should fuck off and save myself before shit hits the fan and i start wanting to die but i cant just ignore it... 


i mean, maybe it won't happen, maybe everything will be fine, maybe it's a little issue riled up into a big anxiety and maybe i've got the wrong end of the stick


but some ppl are acting so despaired, hopeless and dramatic, i cant help but be worried that the issue is a nasty one.





maybe i will just. disappear from the internet for a bit, and hope to come back to no drama or mess. i can pray for that  :smile:

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So I just spent the day reading translated to english netizen comments from China, Japan and South Korea. I have to say I've never been more eager to get back to the online discord of Trump vs Hillary, alt right, SJW left, Black Lives Matter. #HomeSweetHome

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The most thristy fans I've come across this year aren't some kpop fangirls, but 50 something and older grown men who have lived their entire lives rooting for a team everyone else calls the "loveable losers".




Seriously, my dad and his friends are so thirsty for the cubs to win the world series this year (it's been 108 years since they last did that) that it makes me so sad. They are like 8 year old boys again they are so excited that this could actually be the year.





I'm just concerned about their blood pressure and hearts if they actually do it. :imstupid:



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there is 1 user in OH who is pathetic as fuck. I notice she hated BTS, Gfriend, Twice as fuck before, bash them in bashing thread but as soon as they do better than SM groups, she suddenly fan of them all  :imstupid: . And she's a YG stan who hates everything related to SM. Kid nowaday smh....The girl needs to get a life 

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