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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

What shock me about Kesha rape case is not only that she lost, but that media here don't say not a single word about. Not one. I learned from this case from OH. I mean what?! Media not only not talk about the court date yesterday, but I hear she was raped for the first time. How crazy is that? Media is lost case here. Amazing level. 

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omg I'm so hype for something that won't even be this year but idk like I'm so excited I got that excited squeeeee feeling in my chest. I need to find someone else who is also into this series so that I can actually talk to someone about it but like no one reads books -_-




whenever the movie comes out I will have to drag someone along to it with me and they will have to deal with me spazzing omg 


like I have the second book with me now and even though I just wanna keep reading I hold off after every chapter or two so that it can sink in and doesn't end as fast because the next will be released in a year and I can't handle that omg  :la:

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have you ever said something, and immediately realized just how old you are?  who says "in like flynn" these days?  do people even know who erol flynn was?  sometimes I act more like my parents age than my own.   :._.:

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Sulli'sfans or f(x)'s fans. There is no in-between. People have to choose. Sulli's case and ex-EXO's case are really different because Sulli and f(x) still work in K-biz. 
for Sulli fans: you have to help Sulli by yourself, Sulli is not in f(x) anymore
for f(5) fans: stop. It will never happen. You guys want Sulli go to f(x) concert, write something to congrat f(x), follow f(x)'s members. But then again, why she has to do it first ?

for f(4) fans: keep bashing her

I'd rather have all f(4)'s fans than have 1 f(5)'s fan

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