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Just now I have a sudden urge to check out my favorite SSF radio dj, Cesca. Back then, she dj-ed  for 4 hours straight every single session, which was insane and unprecedented. I remember having a huge crush on her by listening to her voice only. She's a lil bit weaboo, but I didn't mind because she sounded cute as hell.


Going through her profile gives me all sorts of feels since the last time I followed her update was 2010. Also, I just found out we are, or were since she stopped updating her location since 2010, living in Toronto. She might be attending UofT as well back in her undergraduate days. Ehhhh, but then again, how does UofT kids have 4 hours to spend leisurely?

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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

am I that ugly? because as far as I know I am aware myself that I'm not that beautiful that would grace beautifully by just walking.


some are still appreciate me. my charmings are not from appearance but by myself. why Just people with narrow-minded are the one that downgrade me?


this is why I don't really like my period time and PMS- I would be more sensitive :._.:

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*complains about not getting any hours at work*

*someone calls and asks if i can cover their shift*

*says no*


i should stop...


but in my defense if im never on the schedule im gonna busy myself doing other things like idk..school work that needs to get done?

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I am quite confused about this even though I shouldn't be.

lol. I said. I don't know why I should go non anonymous but I also don't know why I shouldn't go anonymous. Get it?

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