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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

Oh God, my parents  :derp:


Mom: "And, do you still like your photobook (Die Jungs)?"

Me: "Yes..."

Mom: "Great, then we can give you more for Christmas."

Dad: "Posters, other stuff etc."

Me: "... ... ... Ok."

can I borrow your parents pls
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Yuup. I definitely like her. I swear to God, next year I'm asking her to be mine.


The only problem is she doesn't reply to me much. She does (most of the time), and then she doesn't.


I'm just still going to leave little heartfelt messages for her, asking her if she has eaten well, and telling her to sleep well, and to cheer up when she's feeling down. If I can, I will send her a couple of videos to make her laugh and brighten her day as well. (:

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