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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

Today is a rare day i have a life and i feel like a crappy friend. Dont see much smile on 1 of their face when saying goodbye.

My priority during this break is to fix my personality, confidence and sanity. 

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For some reason recently these sticky braman pest control things keeps getting left around at work. Bc i work in a warehouse,, we get mouse and other pests ofc so theres these trap boxes all over the place. Usually stuck to floor or a pallet but still annoyimg. But vwhy leave that stuff on the floor ..? I kept stepping on onw earlier like an hr ago right before leaving that i left so much of the goo on this thing stuck to my shoe. Im gonna have to soak them or at least bottom in bath rn =_= its unreal how sticky these things r and these guys just leave them on floor?

I was like whatever ok..i once fell ovrr if mud in these same shpes and was like idc when i couldn't fully wash it out. But i cannot now. Its when i got home and see hair stuck to my shoe for me.  That's the thing ab having short hair for me.  When i had lomger hair i couldn't run my hair thru my hair without taking strands out cuz it was so damaged. So i got accustomed to seeing that on the floor, ig. Like.. cant be helped 100% but seeing hair discarded on my shoe im like ?? Could not be more disgusted i feel like hhhh bc ik its 0% chance could be mine. 

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I hate how my mom just drops info on me. Like she's noisy and gossiper but I'm not interested. 

Like i rmr a few yrs ago she told me some kid from my hometown killed himself and was like questioninf me if i knew him bc he was in highschool samw time as me sis you madw me move between 4th & 5tg grade so i went to 2/3 our town elementary schools so if he was in my grade probs bc then made me move again,  but cross country this time n few months into 6th grade. And when moving back were in new town and new people as classmates, again. How much do u except me to rmr my elementary school classmates then who werent my friends wtfff 😭😭

Now she drags me out of my room bc she "needs to talk to me" when it was just about 1) pulling my shades down so ppl dont peep thru my room bc its on 1st floor & im like ???i literally don't care abd 2) death q&a time Again cuz ig one of my highschool teachers died in ha sleep.  That's sad tho i actually rmr her. She was young..well most my teachers were hags or men so having a teach in ha 20s was diff. I actyally saw her earlier in the year at stop and shop w a man,  assuming her husband. And it caught my eye i was like wtf. . She actually was absent a but like collectively for a few weeks of the yr i had her bc she got married, and at another time of the year, she went on the schools europe trip. And on one of these periods she brought in a special sub who iirc was a ap teacher at another school,  and teachss at a college too iirc. And i always rmr this bc it struck me he was always telling us how he has his ap kids write 2 research papers a year, 1 the size ours is cuz we were working on it at this time of the yr (20-30ish pages iirc) and one that's like 100 pages and still mental to me. This was 11th grade honors history btw hhhh. Anyway yea that's sad tho. I just hate how my mom tells these stuff to me.. ok also the window thing is so. Extra tho bc she moved something on my window sill to bring the shades down too like i get this is ur first owning a house but genuinely no one is giving a fuck to peep thru my window 100%. Our street isn't much of neighborhood street either.  Its on state highway, no sidewalk etc. But whatever its good idea tho fine ill admit bc if i get delivery i don't want them tobe seeing me in my room bc 2/3 my windows are at the porch hhh

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let me in is my favorite b-side on enhypen's debut album, i'm even willing to ignore the cheesy "i'll be your boyfriend" line 😭

when i first heard the song, that line threw me off so much but fuck it i'm jamming to it anyway

the choreography is super fun too, can't get tired of watching them perform it

in conclusion i'm obsessed


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i'm on a BTS live binge and honestly they ARE amazing. when they hit that sweet-sweet spot of tight clean choreo with a song that has a good rap-vocal balance you can see why they are where they are. i'm never going to be a fan of how they've put their vocalists through the wringer but what do i know

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Omg i went to make a diablo season 22 chara & tbh what i love ab on console it gives u automated name (tho u can retype ur own)  on diablo on my pc its just like 5 variations of 1 username for me hhh and anw yea tge automated name they just gave me was "violetta" fate i think

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Its 2020

Can my parents let go of watching little house on the prairie Every. Night. 

Or stop at least animately talking or hollering laughing at it. God and my mom describing tge plots to my dad in the next room if hes not fully watching/ listening. I cannot fathom how this show is that interesting

Im trying to sleep 😭😭😭

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