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The one thing i miss ab having functional computer is using ps to make new sigs. Ive only been using ezgif and having gif sig or using old gifs i find on my imgur but... i wanna make new one.  I have a lot of sigs on imgur that's like (mostly q or kino) that's pics they post/spam-ish on twt hhh like i want one of this q pics.

I only used ps trisls and i don't wanna torrent it. ((Ive particularlu scared of torrenting now btw bc a few months ago ig someone on our network torrented a game and xfinity sent a threatening email to my dad saying if it happems sgain its over.. i was asked but literally why would i do that.  I can afford games 😭😭 but in my head since being a preteen using gimp to teen & young adult exhausting every trial i can find...ps is super expensive but im sure its really fine for me to use a monthly sub occadionally??))Don't really wanna buy it either tho hhh. Or subscription? Maybe ill just find more trials to use on my lsptop. If a monthly sub is cheap enough i might just occasiomally use that on my laptop to make a bunch of sig to save up hhh

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I laugh so hard every time a yg Stan says this is smhallyu when the big bang and winner NB got locked for fighting and getting off topic with ikonics and ic when the pann about baekhyun is not locked


If I ever see an SNSD / Jessica fan complain about too many charting threads again...

I want Jungmo updates but not even Serim update when the dude normally spam.

I can understand why with the mess but in a way I need it more for Jungmo to assure us he is okay 😭 

Jungmo likely isnt okay, probably. I miss Jungmo so much. I feel like shit for the entire day. 

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I only lurk because I'm pretty anxious about sharing my thoughts about something in OH or internet in general. A cute appreciation thread or just a random thread and there are still people that would call you mentally unstable. not even directed to me, but this still makes it harder for me to start participating in thread. Also my English sucks. 

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after month or 2 of hearing desc of house my parents buying ,, i finally saw it saturday and saw room supposed to be mine. hmm..


what a sick joke i was excited for space from my family bc my room right next to living room and in middle of hallwayy.. my room in the house will be at base of stairs downstairs (other 2 bedroom upstairs) an next to living room still. OTL.

but ok whatever. at least theres like hugeeeee backyard i will just chill out there if i need space hhh

unreal to me honestly also cuz.. we're moving at end of the month. prolly just moving small things atm. but honestly i have nothing to bring. my parents and brother have packed some stuff but im like..at nothing. i do have some stuff like that i could..but cba atm. honestly tho a ton of stuff in my room is just 1) clothes.. 2) snacks/foods. i could pack the books from my bookcase ig? also my hoodies bc there will be no closet. imma need to figure that out bc i have tons of hoodies but teheres no closets? I have a dresser, but my closet i just use for all my hoodies. which my dressers are full to brim bc i have a lot of clothes[47537465] theres a small room upstairs prev owners used for closet. im gonna have to ask my mom if i can at least use one of the clothing racks in there for stuff. bc she wants it for craft/storage room cuz she does a lot of crafts. understandable.

hmm i could def pack some stuff honestly tho. im getting rid of my desk cuz its a huge L shape desk that i dont even use comp anymore hhh. just monitor ihad from my gaming pc which burned out...use it as screen for ps4. and laptop. its just clutter now. i think my room will be much more imaginable once this desk is out the picture bc that + having queen bed ,, small room. its hard to really quantify how much space all my other stuff takes up bc atm this desk is too much., ill miss it tho. i have it covered in rip n dip stickers and a few teddyfresh sticker. also i have a wooseok stickr on there and stickers saying "the boyz" "no air" "the only" from that album. my mom is just gonna post on our town fb grp that theres a free desk outside or sumn lol so ill prolly remove most the stickers (i also have assassination classroom stickers on there. just like 4 or so ..the teachers face in diff color/diff expression. thats cute right? maybe ill just leave those for next owner. anime is trendy and maybe they like it.)

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Idk why but for me the worst day to work is sunday tho its my shortest shift.

9am-3pm. And that's what i did ytd but 2 prior weeks i basically left soon as orders r done around 1.

But any othrr day of week (mon-fri minus tues my day off )where i work 8am-3. I don't take break most days & will be fine until 3 or if im doing sumn at 3..overtime til 4 or 5ish a lot

And saturday when i work 4-12. Im actually sched at 430 but it used to be 4, and months ago it kept going back and forth every week so i started just always coming in at 4 & clock in early..tho its settled at 430. Idk why. And ill easily overtine for hour(s) too on sat


Well yea its probs bc i never get good sleep on saturdays cuz i usually sleep around 8pm give or take bc i like being up for hrs before having to leave.  But yea.. also feels bad a lil bc nit ytd but the 2 sats before this guy i help maybe once or twice a week after orders dont asked me to help and both times i was like uhhhh maybe.. but left. Its just exhausting when i see the load he need help with id be there until 4 or 5 maybe later to finish. Also both times this other guy who works near him whilst i was doing the last order, starts playing music on a speaker and im like yea nope not suffering around this for hrs. I hate how ppl do that.  Like get headphones?? This girl i work with every of my weekday shifts omg..she used to play music on her phone but she's bought a speaker for these days so its louder now and drives me crazy?? Idk its just so inconsiderate like wtfv when literally 90% everyone else you work w/ is using headphones...at least lower the volume. If im within 2 aisles of ha i can hear her music and the section we work in is 4 aisles so yea its hell. Ytd was bad for me too bc my stomach felt like shit. I was tired..back pain & cramps(period). Yet i force myself to stay til 3 bc we will be swamped prob til wed. I got 2 days off this week at least. I have worked doubles around thanksgiving in prev yrs so wont be surprised if im asked that today or to come in tmrw. Yesterday i was like absolutely not. But i feel better today so ..id prolly stay longer if needed. Trying not to think ab that until necessary tho bc today and wednesday will def be exhaustingly...annoyingly busy

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i remember moving into the city for the first time

we didn't have a lot of stray cats back in my hometown, but there's plenty here

so when i heard cats in heat for the first time, i legit thought a child somehow made its way into my backyard in the middle of the night and started yelling loool

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During debut a hater said with Minhee & Serim, Jungmo is pointless in Cravity.

On the surface they do have shared image.

Vocalist Tall Visual funny - Minhee, Jungmo

Visual duality fake maknae - Serim, Jungmo

What really sets Jungmo apart is he acts like a fool and make fans question why on daily basis. His strongest skill is making any member that is with him feels like a fool as well. 

He's so weird and i am so glad he ended up in an industry where his weirdness gets to shine. 

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God i wish i rmr when exactly my mom told me were moving really i just know its after thanksgiving but before dec ofc since we r stayinf in apt rn on the last month rent thingy.. its actually godsend i had these storage containers i keep under my bed i used to keep shoes in but only use 1/4 for shoes atm since a few months ago i went through all my clothes and donated like..6 trash bsg of clothss and one of shoes. But the other 3 are good storage for a bunch of random sht i just have hhh

Tbh ive been lazy ab packing but finally did it and i went through all the snacks i keep in my room and threw bunch out etc. My books and hoodies/coats r boxed up (closet clothes. )Tge rest might as well stay in dresser bc i have too mych clothes i cba to waste boxes on that

Still some more stuff to pack but after being lazy for days lots of progress today. Now my concern will be whether to binge or dump the excess of drinks i have in my mini fridge. I have candy (aka..an abudance of ghirardelli squares & almond joys..and some few pkgs of andes mint & junior mint..realizing my fav candys is prolly 'weird' i have aquired tastes ig)

But yea the drinks i have.. should prolly drink. I prolly have like 10 cans of zevia in there tho (and another 5 in fridge at work)  and a few cans of mango juice + iced tea arizina tea (my fav tea drin) (and again more at work hehe) those i will salvage but my wine coolers, other random teas/coffees/sodas, water,etc prolly ill just dump if i don't drink before...in a few days or whenever. Ill try tho hhh. Which reminds me..i still have like 3 hard ciders cans my uncle gavw me from his fridge last tganksgiving but never get around to drinking yet. I wonder if he will give me more 🥵

Now im lazy again...i opened up valhalla on my ps4 to unwind t i think i have to sleep first.

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I finally bought a switch after debating for half a year!!!

Right time cos i reached all my goals in Superstar Starship and only left grinding for RPs and Dias. I also got very bored of Superstar YG. 

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