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#61 euηheαrt


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Posted 16 September 2018 - 03:51 AM

Euuuuuun, I’m crying reading this now. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your life to do something like this. I’m so thankful to have met you!



Aww you're so sweet, Eun! We love you very much https://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot...  I finished reading all of them and even if I wasn't able to upvote all of them (ran out but will come back to give them the love that deserve later), just know that I loved every single part of it (brings back so much memories)!



Oh eun! I... gosh. This entire set of msgs are so sweet. Thank you for making it. It really means a lot to not just me but all of us. You really tried to include every single person and that is so sweet. And yes we love being at each other's throats but I still love you a lot. I mean it. And I will take care of your mom. I promise.




I wasn't born to cry like this Eun https://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot...
Thank you ♥


Your choice of gif is so perfect too https://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot... Thank you for your kind words.


Took me time to reply to this but I wanted to be 100% awake for it https://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot...
Eun, every single message you wrote in this thread shows how much of an incredible person you are. Sometimes I wanted to switch my laptop off and keep distance with this event but how could have I done it when it made me meet people like you? You are a blessing and I'm so glad we became friends. Thank you for always being here for every Lurker, for being a fun person to chat with, for cheering me up when things become tough both online and IRL, and for so many other things. Please keep being amazing. You'll forever remain my cutest "kiddo"! https://onehallyu.com//public/style_emot... <3






#62 Aquamaraqua



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Posted 16 September 2018 - 12:20 PM

Can people who said these things let me know who they were chuplz.png 


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- Aqua (x7 without comments)
- Aqua without a doubt, always stood up for lurkers in games
- Aqua! She's our warrior (this is Zik right ahmagahplz.png )



Lurker that could have been a dramaquin


- Aqua... for endless clarifications with receipts. don't tell her i said that.
- Aqua


The lurkercrawl we were grateful we met


- Aquamaraqua, I always admired her as one of OH's most quality users but I hadn't had the chance to really talk to her and get to know her, but now I have and I'm so glad we're friends <3





Best Bias Defender


- Aqua - Whenever I see Cross Gene now all i'll think about is Aqua

- Aqua
- Aqua, I actually checked out Cross Gene for them!


ohbi.png Good good


The lurker who could have been a braggindor


- Aqua bc she makes lukers feel like we're the best

- Aqua

- Aqua


Because it's true dave.png 


Who voted me as a Delulupuff? warstarplz.png I'm glad I could be cute

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