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Announcement OH! Press is looking for new Graphic Designers!!

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Hello good people of OH!
I'm here to humbly announce that our Press team is looking for new adorable members. In particular, we are now accepting applications for the position of graphic designers who will be in charge of many visual aspects in our blog and the development of important projects. We need people who are truly interested in becoming a part of the community's staff members and in being an active part of the team. So, please don't use dupe accounts to apply or send troll applications... it's not worth it!!!
Now onto the real deal...
  • Graphic designers must be good at using Photoshopâ„¢
  • Ability to use After Effect would be a huge plus
  • Must be able to meet the deadlines 
  • All staff members are expected to keep up with any group files and/or spreadsheet. Please keep yourself updated!
  • Abide by the rules of the forum.





OneHallyu username:


How many hours a day/week are you on OneHallyu?:

Can you use Photoshop, and how good are you with it?: 

Do you have any other software that will enable you to perform this role?:

Do you have any previous experience in the role?

What kind of designs would you love to create for us?:

Why do you want to become a part of Press team?:


Please provide at least 2 design samples or a portfolio. It is preferable for them to be presented in portfolio form or well-organized album (don't just slap random pictures in the PM that's lazy!)






Please send your completed application form including both Rinne and black_miri in a private message with the title “Press Application - GFXâ€. Any pressing concerns or related questions can be posted here or messaged to me or Rinne privately! Thank you and good luck! chartmander.png 






Q: OneHallyu has a blog?

A: Yes, we do. Here https://blog.onehallyu.com/


Q: What does Oh! Press really do?

A: For general info on our work, please refer to this post


Q: Why do you need graphic designers if you're a Press team?

A: Our team is composed of three units - writers, translators and graphic designers - who work together to improve the blog constantly and give quality content to the readers.


Q: Can I apply even if I'm unsure of my skills with Photoshop?

A: No, it's not worth the hassle for the both of us.


Q: Why is the Press team so big?

A: Rinne likes it big yum yum


Q: What happened to Rinne?

A: She's busy with her flower shop business.





Deadline: September 24, 2018
Edited by black_miri
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Good luck to everyone applying!! Come help us make pretty things and draw grass for 12 hours a day… it’s fun…i promise…





looking forward to see your grass drawings chuplz.png



good luck to those who apply!!


god believes in u


omg we have god blessing, thank god

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