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Posted 17 February 2018 - 05:10 PM

I forgot about Tsunku's band members. Sounds like Makoto has a job for life. Not a bad gig, if you can stand the monotony, lol.


Mitsui is still in school? Feels like she's been studying this entire decade. If Maimi's staying with her, we need a new shuffle-unit!


Their keyboardist Taisei writes music for Up-Front, so he's set too lol


I'm happy that Mittsi and MaiMai are together, they were besties in H!P.  Aika probably influenced Mai's decision to travel abroad.

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Posted Yesterday, 10:17 PM (Edited by davidguy, Today, 06:41 AM.)



Episode 2 of Lupinranger vs Patranger has been subbed! Over-Time offers a torrent link, but you can find direct download links in the comments section.



The 2018 HinaFes lottery also got subbed. No stream available, so you're going to have to torrent it from A!O



Having now seen this with subs and seen the other lottery videos, yeah...I can see why a lot of people got upset about the first half of the video. Too many weak attempts at trying to make it funny which sacrificed a lot of what made it charming and fun to watch in the first place.


It's February 19 in Japan, so that means it's Chiichan's 18th birthday!



All of 10ki had dinner together


Something interesting I stumbled across.



I guess someone noticed that the official momusu twitter profile description had changed to the picture above and screencapped it. It's not like that anymore of course. From what I could interpret from Google Translate, it's something along the lines of:


MaaDuu is precious/sacred. Haga Akane is cute...I like MaaHaga. I'm an otaku that wants to get their hands on a mini King Blade!!!!! 


The actual 2ch thread is pretty hard to figure out since there's so much slang and abbreviations and stuff. But from what I could make out, some people think that Momusu's manager is a Maachan/Akanechin oshi wota. Some people think it's just an error with Twitter. One person managed to find a twitter account that had that exact twitter profile description, which of course are causing people to speculate that it's the manager's personal account and that they accidentally changed the profile on the wrong account lol. Of course, some people also think the picture is fake and that the OP is trolling. That's what I'm getting from the first hundred comments at least.


Blog posts translations



Makino Maria -『Sapporo Olympic Museum♡Okuruyama Ski Jump Stadium♪*゚』

Ogata Haruna - Rehearsal\(^^)/

Nonaka Miki - Round One by myself!/Studyingg.

Haga Akane - A blissful moment.

Yokoyama Reina - Senpai

Fukumura Mizuki - Gachapon☆

Iikubo Haruna - #SouthKorea #Trip #Date

Michishige Sayumi - ♡AnMILLE♡

Michishige Sayumi - ★★★



Makino Maria -『HOKKAIDO Daisushi!(Opening today)Marian Photo Studio♪*゚』

Haga Akane - I don't want to lose like thiss!!!.

Nonaka Miki - Hokkaido/A great event

Ogata Haruna - Sapporo-poro\(^^)/

Kaga Kaede - Violet.

Yajima Maimi - On a walk with an elephant ♡

Fukumura Mizuki - Matching-chan☆

Michishige Sayumi - (^o^)/ Mornin’



Nonaka Miki - All-Star2018

Makino Maria -『Thank you Weekly Young Magazine♡Fuel Sub Router♡To To Lucky♪*゚』

Ogata Haruna - Yum\(^^)/

Haga Akane - The sensor inside Haga Akane is.

Kaga Kaede - Wa!

Fukumura Mizuki - FUERZABRUTA WA!!☆

Michishige Sayumi - Sayuminlandoll

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Posted Today, 06:20 AM

The Girls Live 02/18/2018



MC: Iida Kaori

  • Morning Musume. '18 Ikuta Erina, Yokoyama Reina & Kobushi Factory Inoue Rei, Hamaura Ayano learn to cook some healthy dishes
  • 1:38 - Morning Musume. '18 - Gosenfu no Tasuki (Studio Performance)
  • 8:02 - Tsubaki Factory - Shunrenka (Studio Performance)
  • 14:02 - Kobushi Factory - GO TO THE TOP!! (Studio Performance)
  • 22:42 - Tsubaki Factory - Teion Yakedo (Studio Performance)

Credit to core2quad at H!O & Amped at JPLOP.

No Youtube upload of the performances unfortunately, at least not yet.




HustlePress interview with Tsubaki Factory's Yamagishi Riko, Ogata Risa, and Tanimoto Ami



No translation, but the interview has a few pictures.

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