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~~The Hope of the Whole Village~~The Official Thread of Yang Chaoyue~~

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                                                   Welcome to the Official Thread of Yang Chaoyue






                                                             Birthday:    1998.7.31/

                                                                               1998.6.9(Lunar Calendar)


                                                             Hometown: Dafeng County,

                                                                                Yancheng, Jiangsu Province


                                                             Ethnicity:  Bai


                                                             Nickname: Village Flower

                                                                               Chaochao Yueyue


                                                                               Teacher Yang

                                                                               The Straight Man of Iron and Steel (She calls herself~~)


                                                            Fanclub name: Villagers(Male)/Yueya(Female) 


                                                            Group: CH2/The Rocket Girls


                                                            Hobbies: Sleeping/Gaming(LOL&PUBG)/Reading Fictions


                                                            Ideal Job: Actress, performing in Martial Arts “Wuxia†Drama


                                                           Company: Wenlan Culture



                                                           Instagram: yangchaoyue9869

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Everyone need this magic item:






I know what is behind spoiler button without clicking it. I don't need that wallpaper on my phone for it has imprinted into my brain since everyone posted it everywhere...

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Heart Signal‘s Teaser~~~0u0plz.png Please check it out!





Q: What do you think about the heart signal?


A: Heart signal is the sign of love's coming.


Q: What is your ideal type? Would he be better in height or physique?


A: I'd like both of them.


Q: Would you like a romantic boyfriend or a candid boyfriend?


A: eww. I'd like a romantic person, but I still hope he can be honest.


Q: Would you like a person older than you or a person younger than you?


A: I prefer to a man with a mature way of thinking and doing.







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Chaoyue Fancam of Collide from debut press conference.

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