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DIA - Woo Woo MV Teaser

Shiny AID

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Omg I recognized the super love similarities, but I didn’t wanna get a hater lol.

This sounds so good and the girls look really pretty


it's probably because it's the same genre, miami bass, which isn't that common in pop music so more noticeably similar when listening to them

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sis down to the music video aesthetic??


But Tinashe was also inspired off Baywatch?? That’s like saying Tinashe copied AOA Goodluck



Can come for the song sounding similar to Superlove cuz it does but the music video being similar to Tinashe is not a valid point because Tinashe wasn’t original with hers either. If anything dia just has on red outfits next to the beach. There’s many other MV shots that are not similar with Tinashe whatsoever

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My eyes plays tricks on me.

I thought the huge skateboard in the opening scene of them sitting on the beach looked like something else; something very dirty.


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