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[done] Plats (13) Giveaway

Shiny AID

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I don't think I'm gonna end up using my plats so I'm gonna give them to the needy


Just tell me why you want them/why you think i should give some to you and I'll pick from that


no editing posts in case someone copies, but you can make more posts


edit: i'll come back in a day or two to pick



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I need them to get a jin ring warstarplz.png

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I've been trying to get some for a ring for so long now, I've joined in so many games but always end up losing because they require a quick internet, and then when I finally did manage to get a few, I ended up giving them away to Cheese, because someone else was going to get the Chungha ring, even though Cheese deserved it so it felt like a better cause (which she ended up winning as well the ring is so pretty omg), so now I am back to square 1


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