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[Closed] Artist Thread Directory

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awww thx, and really i liked your way since it was all in one easier to access, also i just read the comments above and the mod just said that myth was allowed to have their own directory if he wanted since they werent monopolized so i think you can still have yours have all in them while myth can have one for individual,etc

I'm not really sure that would work. But I think I'll edit the OP back to the way it was until the other threads are made. 

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This thread is no longer updated. Originally maintained by LunarE.

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I have not bothered to read the previous pages, so pardon me if this has been answered or mentioned already....


How come the Lee Seung Gi link doesn't work?  Is there such a thread here?

I am so sorry for the late reply.


There was at one point but it was deleted. So if you wanted to make one, you are free to make it.  :) 

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  • Lee changed the title to [Closed] Artist Thread Directory
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