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Who is the worst and best kpop company?


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The best is YG ent

the worst is sm.. meh


well I'm talking about that crap Kim Youngmin and maybe some other bad staffs. I hope they don't harass the female artists sexually since they are tough with the males I don't thing they gonna spare the females either..




also I would say JYP is worse  than SM, Sunye is now in hiatus for 5 yrs, what about the rest during these five yrs!!!

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I find it funny that people always defend SM as a company solely because they think it makes their bias look better. As if working under an unethical company makes others think less of your bias? 


Anyway, the worst is that one with the confirmed prostitution scandal. 


The best would probably be FNC. Despite how they really haven't taken care of FT Island like they should, I still think they've allowed their artists a lot of freedom while still supporting them enough. Cube is pretty good too though from what I hear.

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how come SM as most successful company being the worst company?? i doesn't make sense.


biggest company in korea

most profitable

most A list artist

their fandoms is the biggest locally and internationally

leading hallyu wave



it same like saying Samsung is the worst company in korea just because they have several labor issue.


SM best entertainment company in korea

they not the worst, they just the most hated..!!

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best: mystic89.........love that company and their artists(lim kim,park ji yoon,eddie kim,puer kim and yoon jong shin himself)

worst: sm is the worst when it comes to idol treatment but they are the best when it comes to fan treatment,they are probably the best at the planning comebacks and being able to give even neglected groups like f(X) regular comebacks :)

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It depends on which aspect you're going to judge the entertainment companies. If you're going to judging them with the way they sell and package their artists to the public, then SM>YG>JYP. By how they treat their artists, YG>JYP>SM. IMO, as for songs, (I'm probably biased here but since it's my opinion I'm entitled to being bias) JYP>SM/YG


EDIT: I only judged the Big 3 cause I don't really know much about the others.

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