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Juri officially graduates on May 2nd.



Likewise, her last handshake event is May 6th (same day as Miyu's final one), meaning she basically won't be doing handshake events for Jiwaru DAYS.


Also means the Woollim group might be coming sooner than expected.

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This news comes from internet detectives: Juri was seen in a Hyundai in her instastory. There is a total of circa 15,000 Hyundai in total in Japan, most of them made before 2009, which is when they were pulled out of the market for failing to attract public interest there. That means there are far better chances that she is in Korea right now. Sae and Erii have been seen there too. 

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Seems Juri might not get to use social media anymore? "Well then, see you later" is the end of the Tweet, and the rest doesn't make it clear if it's just her indicating her Korean debut is soonâ„¢ or if she can't post anymore or what.


(Also has some more pictures of her from graduation.)



Also recent insta posts (second one's text is in English and ends the same as the above tweet):




edit clarification

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tl;dr update post:

- Juri debuted with Rocket Punch on August 7th. Relevant PV link:

- Still MIA on social media as expected ;~; There's a members twitter though where Juri has made a few posts, ie:

- One of the things done prior to Rocket Punch's debut were intro videos. Woollim forgot to do English subs for Juri's though so please enjoy courtesy of yours truly:

- Unfortunately I haven't kept up in how well they've done sales wise. They don't have a nice trophy from a music show yet though -- perhaps on the next release?

- Lastly, one of Juri's promo jpgs from Pink Punch:


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