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Weekly Milky 13th Edition 



Conquest of the world Part 2



[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.05 08:53
Good morning U・x・U
I’m full of energy today ♪
It seems like there’s an earthquake near Kanto (>_<)
Because the news said that there’s no major disaster, so I felt a little relieved, but is everyone in Kanto okay?
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.05 16:30
Kyaa (>_<)
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.05 20:30
The handshake event was fun U・x・U♡ wan
Do you enjoy the golden week (o^^o)?










[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.06 00:06
Team BII yay U・x・U♡
I’m taking a bath.
I’m half asleep


[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.06 01:32
Good night

[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.06 11:59
Handshake U・x・U♡

[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.06 19:36
I’m happy with the handshake event (o^^o)♡♡ï¼
Everyone who had worried about me, made me happy
and gave me all sorts of love!
Thank you very much!!
Four times in a row is the new record! laughs
were you able to spend the wonderful Golden Week?

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[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.07 09:58 
Nagisa who is applying my body cream on her. laughs
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.07 14:17
Kanako-chan ♡
All BII members are too cute (・ω・)ノ
It’s full with young members (´Д` )♡♡ã†ã²
The one who stand in the middle of me and Kanako is team BII’s manager U・x・U
Tomoyo-san is a beautiful women.
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.07 14:33
Who are they? laughs
 [G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.07 16:11
The correct answer is Shu and Nagisa (o^^o)!
This is Nagi-chan and me. laughs
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.07 14:36
Even though she is a brat, but I put a picture of her because she is a beautiful girl (´Д` )
Brat brat (´Д` )!!!! laughs


[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.08 21:56
It’s Team S theater performance (OvO)!!
I love Team S’s members U・x・U♡
But I also love Team BII ♪
I was on the stage together with Saki-chan ♡ I’m happy
I forgot to take a picture with the draft member, Chikako-chan (´Д` )
It’s Chikako-chan’s first day ♡


[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.08 22:34
Tame Sae-chan.




[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.09 22:32
Team S’ theater performance is the best indeed (´Д` )♡
Everyone who has come, everyone who watched through DMM,
everyone who monitored,
thank you very much!!
The picture was taken with the draft member, Chikako-chan ♡

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[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.10 23:41
General Election’s posters and campaign videos have been released!!
Even thought I wasn’t the one who did the photoshooting, but
please give Warukii-san your support!
Even though I was quarrelling with Warukii-san, but she also has a good side.
Warukii-san, thank you.
But everyone, don’t oshihen to Warukii-san!! (ã¤Ð”`)ノ



[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.11 11:07
Good morning (´-`).。oO(
There’s photo event today!!!
Group C!!!!!
[G+] Watanabe Miyuki 2014.05.11 20:50
Thank you for the handshake event (OvO)!!
Today is Mother’s day.
Mom, thank you for giving birth to me.

AKB48 37th Single Senbatsu General Election Appeal Comment - Watanabe Miyuki






Vote for Milky !!


Watanabe Miyuki, “Let’s support Mirukii with me ♥â€






Credit to:



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Omg your signature is so cute.

thank you ^^ its from this video 



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Hope Milky's scandal doesnt pull her ranking down a lot

vote ikoma & kuramocchi

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Hope Milky's scandal doesnt pull her ranking down a lot

vote ikoma & kuramocchi

She will probably rank up due to 3 spots are vacant but not sure about actually "ranking up' surpassing people above her. For her to stay at the same rank she need to be #12, anything below that is a rank down

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