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Doc Noire


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recently i got dragged into twice's shipping hell; i told myself no doc, you've already gotten your soul back from the devil, why make the mistake of selling it again... i didn't listen


momo has made an official statement, dispatch be found dead in a ditch


 tumblr_oda4e4bc741rsfpwlo2_250.gif tumblr_inline_oo8etg1c2B1r68hbo_250.gif


i fell into the MiMo rabbit hole yet again, and while i'm here calling for help, i decided to make a thread about these cute as fuck individuals and their beautiful relationship; visuals indeed


tumblr_ot31etJGaR1uljruvo1_r1_400.gif SlZe1yV.gif


 tumblr_ombvblhO3o1uljruvo7_r1_400.gif bPnyeFq.gif


momo revealing her yandere side






mina cooking for her gf


tumblr_oife2gQN1e1rsfpwlo4_400.gif tumblr_oife2gQN1e1rsfpwlo1_400.gif


tumblr_oitujvkLoy1rsfpwlo2_400.gif tumblr_oitujvkLoy1rsfpwlo1_400.gif]


i  w a n n a   d i e


tumblr_p2fhh68FAg1qmrscao2_400.gif tumblr_p2fhh68FAg1qmrscao1_400.gif




let's wish this happy couple the best



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oof outdommed 50 shades male lead


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